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Night #2

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Well I made it through night #2 of stretching!! I spent about 30 minutes stretching. I mainly try to do all of the stretches we do in class. I’m usually a little bit tighter at home when I start to stretch so I do a couple easy stretches and some relevés to get my ankles slightly warm. Once I do these I like to go through our plié combinations to help get my legs stretched out a little more. Since we’ve been doing everything in the center during class, I figured I might as well stretch at home this way! It’s definitely harder than using the barre! It makes me focus more on my alignment and balance. I’ve noticed improvements though since we started doing this. I practiced my pirouettes too. Still having problems with my fouettés. I seem to be able to do them at the barre, but once I try to throw a pirouette or piqué turn before it in center, it all falls apart. Sigh.

Thanks to fellow blogger, GreenerandLeaner, she introduced me to the Mary Helen Bowers website!! This former professional ballerina has famous workout DVDs and apparently an online class that you Skype into!! You should check out her page, and Ms. GreenerandLeaner!! She’s got a great blog about ballet and eating healthier. She just recently posted an awesome smoothie recipe. Check her out!!

Have a great night!!


One thought on “Night #2

  1. I’m so glad you checked her out. I did one of the Skype classes last night and I am so sore I can barely walk! Even the arches of my feet are sore!

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