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Nike Studio Wrap

Came across this today while on Twitter. These things look amazing!! The video shows the girl doing what look like chaîne turns! I wonder if you could wear these for ballet class?!? Has anyone else seen these before?? I think Nike is going to start making these next year. It says in the video info that they would sell for around $110. Seems a little steep to me!! Hopefully they won’t cost this much.

What do you guys think of these Nike Studio Wrap shoes?? I’d love to hear!!

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Christmas Gifts

Thought I would post some pictures of the wonderful gifts I received this Christmas. I’m so very grateful that I received what I did. I know there are people out there that are less fortunate. I only can hope that they too were able to have a nice Christmas. I hope you all had a good holiday as well!!

Here are the Disney gifts I received. I love them all. I’m excited to finally have some Disney board games to play!! The keepsake Disney pin that my inlaws gave to me was really awesome. My husband gave me a really unique Disney Cinderella Snow Globe. It’s so beautiful. Both globes light up and the large globe has a blower in it that blows the snow around. It’s really amazing! It was such a thoughtful gift. My husband and my mom gave me a ton of Disney pins for trading in the parks. I have so many I don’t know what to do with them all! Hah!!

My mom also gave me 2 Disney necklace sets. They are so cute! I can’t wait to wear them down in the parks!! She also gave me new super thick awesome comfy socks. I always have them on in the winter. She gave me a cute scarf and long socks to use to stretch and warm up in for ballet! My mom also gave a set of ornaments. They are super adorable. So perfect!! My brother got me a new ballet leotard, but left it back home in PA. Silly brother. Lol.

My BFF got me some awesome gifts too. The shirt is perfect. For those that don’t know me….I’m horribly terrified of spiders. Like hate them with a passion. She also got me a new Vera purse, a ballet ornament, one of the Disney board games pictured above, and a really pretty necklace. The saying on the necklace is the perfect way of expressing our friendship. It means so much to me.

I love every single gift I received this year. You can definitely tell how much of a Disney freak I am now!! Almost all my gifts relate to that! Hah!! It was so nice to see the family for Christmas dinner. My mom and brother were in from PA, and we went over to my inlaws house for gifts and dinner. They have a small family too. There was 11 of us total! So it was a fun time!







The Long Awaited Envelope


With all the holiday busyness this past weekend I forgot to post this!! These pretty babies arrived in the mail and that only means one thing!!!!!

It’s less than 45 days until Disney. 26 days to be exact!! Woooo hooooo!!! I cannot freakin wait. It’s going to be awesome. So now that Christmas is over, I can officially start getting things ready for our trip. I got a boat load of Disney pins for Christmas to use for trading in the parks. Score! I just need to figure out which snacks we are packing, clothing, and most importantly….getting our Disney Dream Reward Dollars card together. That puppy will allow me some serious shopping while down there. So pumped.

I hope everyone had a great holiday week with their families and friends. I know I did!! I will be posting some of my gifts on here soon! Lots of Disney games and other awesome gifts 🙂


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Beginner Ballet Tips: Improving Your Turnout

Thought this post was really neat and very informative!! Thanks Kristen!! I will try these over break too!!

Adult Ballerina Project

In my ballet class, we’ve recently been working on improving our turnout, and I’m always looking for new stretches and exercises to help improve my turnout (in addition to working on stretching out my splits). Turnout in ballet refers to the outward rotation of the feet and hips.  One of my favorites is the frog stretch. Even though it looks a bit ridiculous, it stretches really well. describes the frog stretch as

 This is the popular stretch where you lay on your stomach with your knees bent, legs turned out, and feet pressed together. This stretches your inner thighs, which will help enable better turnout, especially in pliè.

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Turns Out the Wazoo!!


Ok people. With the holiday break coming up, I have a lot to work on. Last Thursday in class me and LB and the other adult in our class were told we need to work more on our dance. I know my weaknesses right now are my turns. I need to work on them all. They include: chaînes, piqué turns, pirouettes, attitude turns, and inside turns. Ugh. I don’t know what my problem has been lately. I’ve really been struggling with my turns. Last night in class we worked on double pirouettes. I’m still not consistent with them. We usually land them back in fifth, but last night we were to land in an open fourth turned to the side. (Not sure of what that’s exactly called). I struggled with that. I was however able to hit a couple double pirouettes on my left side. Win. The one dance I have requires me to do chaînés on the left. I know I have to get this down. I have no choice. It’s not that I can’t do them, I can. They are just sloppy and not consistent yet. And just like anything else in ballet, they need to be perfect or I won’t be happy. We also worked on fouettés. I’m actually getting more confident about them. I’m still better at them coming after a pirouette, but last night we did them after piqués. I’m actually really starting to like working on fouettés. I used to be terrified and would become very discouraged at even the mention of doing them. Now I want to practice them as much as I can!! And then there’s these inside turns. Blah. I still can’t seem to get them. I know I’m not kicking my leg out as much as I should because I’m afraid I will fall. I just can’t give up. I know I can get them. It just takes time. My attitude turns on my right aren’t completely horrible. They definitely need work, but at least it’s a start. My left attitude turns are not so good. I struggle to get up and around. I know they will improve because they have to. They are also in our dance.

These turns can seem very overwhelming. And they are. I know how to do them all now, it’s just a matter of practicing them. Practicing them until I can’t anymore. Practice makes perfect! Right?! I’m also really trying to work on stretching every day. I’m hoping to be able to stretch and practice over the holiday break next week. I’m lucky to have some room in my house to turn, so I best take advantage of it. I don’t want my teacher to be disappointed in me. I want her to be proud of me. I know I’m not there yet. I’m still a work in a progress. Heck, I’ll always be a work in progress with ballet.

I hope everyone has had good ballet sessions up until now! I can’t believe this year is almost over. To look back and think about how far LB and I have come is just amazing. I’m so very proud of her. And I’m proud of myself. I’m glad I stuck with this and continue to push myself. LB and I are an unstoppable team now. Nothing will break us. I know I can achieve everything I want in ballet with her by my side. I hope you all reached the goals you wanted to in ballet this year. And if you didn’t, I hope they are ready for you to kick their butt next year!! It’s been so inspiring to read about all the other adult beginners out there. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it guys!!

Happy Holidays 🙂


Stretch, Baby, Stretch!!

Last night was mostly an unproductive evening. I fell asleep waiting for my husband to get home from work and ended up sleeping for like 2 hours. Fail. I then decided to get all the music on my iPod. My husband was nice enough to download like 300 songs for me. Thanks husband!! Putting what I wanted on my iPod didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. Once I started listening to the music, I felt motivated to stretch!! Yay!! So I then spent the next 30 minutes stretching to my new tunes and singing to the dog while doing so. I even enlisted my husband to help me stretch. I can slowly start to see the little bits of improvement in my flexibility. I really want to get into a routine of stretching daily. We’ll see what happens. I’m slowly getting more flexible with my saddle wall stretch too. I can see that my feet are a little lower on the wall! Yippie!!

On another good note….41 days until Disney!! That’s almost one month people!! I’m getting super excited. I have some plans to do some ballet inspired projects while in Disney. So stay tuned!! I’m really looking forward to this trip. I can’t wait.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

And for your viewing pleasure….my reindeer doggy!!





Well hello there! It’s been a couple days. Last night I had class. All I can say is meow. The class I help teach is beginning to learn their recital dance. Poor things are a hot mess right now. But they’re getting better. Then in my first class I worked in my pointe shoes for about an hour. Not too bad. I actually was able to do pirouettes. On both sides. And not fall. Wahoo!! We worked more on our recital dance. I’m really liking it. Legal Ballerina was able to see it and she said I looked really good. That made me feel happy. Then came my tough 2 hour class. Insert the “meow” here. We worked on a bunch of things. Inside turns, attitude turns, and various combinations involving turns and traveling jumps. I’m struggling on getting these inside turns. I can only do one. Maybe two on the one side if I’m lucky. It’s just not clicking. Must keep practicing I guess!! Then came attitude turns. I got critiqued about not keeping my lines. I’m curving back when I should be pulling straight up. Meow. The combinations with the turns and jumps were my saving grace. I love doing these. I just love traveling across the floor doing glissades and assemblés. LB said I looked really happy doing this too. She was right! These are my favorite. Sure, I may not be perfect at them or am able to extend my leg as high as the other girls, but I understand the technique. Which I guess is most important. We worked on kicks too. I don’t mind doing these…I just don’t have the pretty extensions like the other girls. That’s all my fault though. I just can’t seem to stick with stretching every day.

Now if I can digress for a moment here…..

My pointe shoes. I know, we are talking about this again. Trust me, I’m annoyed too. My Gaynor’s are awesome. Like, I have no pain or trouble getting up on them. They are just perfect. However. I’ve been able to narrow down the problems I do have. When I was fitted for them, the girl told me that my left foot measures bigger than my right. But my right foot fits bigger in my shoes than my left. Weird, I know. I have some gapping around my feet down near where the vamp starts. This can happen with Gaynor’s because of the pre-arch. I also switch my shoes every other class, as instructed by my fitter. So this has been able to show me that my right foot fits in this exact size, width, etc just fine. The hard shank is a little too stiff for this foot due to my ankle problem, but I can still roll through my foot. My left foot, regardless of which shoe is on it, is sliding to the slide. It feels too big or wide on this foot. My left foot keeps sliding out to the left side of my shoe. I don’t get pain, but I’m not feeling as secure. My teacher recommended I get some vamp elastic to try. It may help secure that area of the shoe so it’s not as baggy. I’m starting to think this:

My left foot needs a size 11 with a normal width (instead of wide) with a hard shank, deep vamp and high heel. While my right foot needs a size 11 wide width with an extra flex shank, deep vamp and high heel. This would require two different pairs of shoes. And that equals big $$$. I would have enough shoes to last me a while though. But we will see if for the mean time this vamp elastic solves the problem. I plan on going back to the store in Akron to show my fitter what is going on. Hopefully she will know how to correct this without having to get two different pairs of shoes?!? Insert another meow here.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. I think I’m over the worst of this stupid cough/cold thing. I cough, but only if exercising. I think there’s still a little bit of mucus stuck in there. Stupid mucus.

PS: that pretty kitty up there is my baby Oreo. I love her!! 🐱