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Maybe Dreams do Come True?!?!


Guys. Guys. Omg guys. Remember that dream I had the other night?! The one about doing 30 fouettés?! Well today, after I was done teaching, me and one of the other girls in my class decided to work on our piqué turns into fouettés. So I went piqué turn, piqué turn, fouetté, fouetté…until I couldn’t fouetté anymore. And guess what?? I did 10. And then did 10 again. And then did 11. Holy freakin cannoli. And the best thing about it??? I didn’t travel when doing them either. Maybe my dream was good luck?! Hah!! I was so happy today. And the girls were so excited for me. I was so excited for me too!! So maybe my dream was bringing me good karma or good luck or something. But whatever it was, it made me so happy! I felt so confident while doing them today. So yay!! Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Happy Dancing 🙂

4 thoughts on “Maybe Dreams do Come True?!?!

  1. Woohoooo!! That must have been an awesome feeling 😀 I can’t even do two, hahahaha..! Sad 😦

  2. YAY! So *that’s* what my little attempts at pique’ turns are working toward?! LOL! This is very good for you Disney! 🙂

    • Thanks DR!!! Piqué turns are fun. I’ve always enjoyed them. I’m better on my right then on my left side. I usually can’t make it all the way across the floor without stopping on my left side. But it’s improving! I know yours will too!! Keep your head up and keep smiling 🙂

  3. Congrats!!
    I’m sure that ballet dreams help with muscle memory and coordination!
    We’ve recently started fouettes in pointe class, I hope I get some fouette dreams too.

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