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Status of 30 Day Challenge

So now that April is over, I guess it’s time to evaluate how my 30 day challenge went for April. Well, I can tell you now, it did not go as planned. Getting slightly injured towards the end of the month kept me from working on things. To refresh your memory here were my goals to improve upon:
1. Stretch more, or daily if possible.
2. Clean double pirouettes (at least on my right for now).
3. Improve my attitude turns.

I started off with frequent stretching on my awesome new super cushy mat. Then I started to not stretch so much. Sooooo it looks like this one will be on the schedule again for May. I know, I’m a slacker.

My double pirouettes are still not as clean as they need to be. I’m getting around, but I’m coming down off of relevé still. With only a few weeks left until the show, I need to get these.

My attitude turns have improved! I don’t know how or why, but they are looking better. They could still use work as everything always does, but I’m pleased with my improvement.

Now, injuring my left calf has definitely set me back. I have not been able to dance for 1.5 weeks now. But the good news is, my calf is feeling better and I just have some residual tightness behind my knee. Nothing a little warming up and slow stretching can’t fix! I was told dancing and stretching may still be a little uncomfortable, but as long as any discomfort isn’t peaking or becoming worse, I should be ok. Yay!! The other good news? I was able to run! Just a little, but I was still able to. I didn’t have any pain or discomfort running, so that is good! I’m hoping by this weekend to be able to resume my running schedule. I’m also planning on dancing this Thursday! I’m very excited.

Hope everyone had a fun Cinco de Mayo!! 🍹🍹🍹



New Gear!!

Who doesn’t love getting new gear?!? I’ve picked up some new items this past week to help with both ballet and running. First off, I got fitted for new running shoes and over the counter inserts. Of course, just my luck, I got the least cute pair of running shoes they had. I was kinda bummed….but it’s not a fashion show. I need to have comfort and reliability. So here’s my new shoes!!

They are Mizuno Wave Creation 13.

I also picked up some new gear for stretching at home. My house is mostly hardwood floors, and even though I have some padding with marley flooring over it, it was not comfy to stretch on. I mainly use my “dance floor” to practice turns on and to work on pointe. It fits nicely now in our newly cleaned out spare bedroom.


I decided to get a yoga mat to use for stretching at home. I went with a nice, thick, squishy one because of my hardwood floors. The mat is 6mm thick and it says its recommended for use for stretching…perfect! I got the mat for about $16 and a new 3-pack of looped resistance bands for about $9. So not too bad. Here are the mat and bands.



I’m going to try them out tonight in part of my new 30 day challenge. I took a work out class at my dance studio, taught by my ballet teacher, this past Monday. Ohhhhhh boy did it work!! I’m still sore! We did about 360 crunches, a TON of leg work, push ups at the barre, and some stretching at the end. Man oh man are muscles I didn’t even know I had hurting!! It was the best workout I’ve done in a long time. I absolutely loved it!!

Well, my 5 mile race is this Sunday. I’m starting to get really nervous! At least this race should be mostly flat. Whew! I’ll let you know how it goes!! Oh, and a big shout out to Kristen over at Adult Ballerina Project! I was the lucky winner of her Sweat Pink shoelace giveaway!! Yay! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get those pretty pink laces on my new running shoes! They will be the perfect thing to make them “cute and girly”. Thanks Kristen!! 😃


Lazzzzzzy Butt

So I find myself still not flexible. Not a surprise. I have found it difficult to stick with stretching every day. I’ve even tried just stretching for 10-15 minutes a few times a day with no success. I just can’t seem to pull out if this lazy rut with stretching. Maybe I just don’t care to get that flexible? I dunno. I feel like if it was important to me I would find the time to stretch. I got a new foam roller for Christmas which I’ve used a little bit to help relax sore muscles after class. So that’s fun! I even tried my Mary Helen Bowers “Ballet Beautiful” DVD over the holiday break. It was so hard!! I couldn’t keep up and my feet kept sliding on my rug. Personally, I like the workouts she does in the video, but I feel like she rushes through everything so quickly! I couldn’t imagine trying to do these without having an ballet experience. So after feeling so rushed and intimated the first time I tried it, I’ve had a hard time wanting to do it again. Does anyone else feel this way about her workouts!? Or am I just that handiquacked that I can’t keep up?!


Only 11 days until Disney!!! Eeeekkkkk!!!!! We’re almost in the single digits people!!! I cannot wait. Even the husband is super excited. 10 whole days away from reality and in the happiest place n earth! Woo hoo!!!

Tonight is ballet 2 followed by pointe. As I mentioned in my previous post, the ouch pouches actually worked in my Gaynors! I’m hoping the little guys will pull through for me tonight too. We are working hard at our recital dance in our ballet class too. It’s still coming along. We’re about half way through the song. I need major work on my turns, my attitude turns especially. I struggle so much on my left side. I think with my left shoulder being all messed up and having such a limited range of motion, that it hinders me being able to properly do them. Bummer. I just have to keep trying.

The new year is off to a good start for me. I hope it is for all you out there too 🙂

Oh, and PS: I saw that those Nike Studio Wraps will be offered in a red/dark dark pink color too?!?! I might be sold.


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Christmas Gifts

Thought I would post some pictures of the wonderful gifts I received this Christmas. I’m so very grateful that I received what I did. I know there are people out there that are less fortunate. I only can hope that they too were able to have a nice Christmas. I hope you all had a good holiday as well!!

Here are the Disney gifts I received. I love them all. I’m excited to finally have some Disney board games to play!! The keepsake Disney pin that my inlaws gave to me was really awesome. My husband gave me a really unique Disney Cinderella Snow Globe. It’s so beautiful. Both globes light up and the large globe has a blower in it that blows the snow around. It’s really amazing! It was such a thoughtful gift. My husband and my mom gave me a ton of Disney pins for trading in the parks. I have so many I don’t know what to do with them all! Hah!!

My mom also gave me 2 Disney necklace sets. They are so cute! I can’t wait to wear them down in the parks!! She also gave me new super thick awesome comfy socks. I always have them on in the winter. She gave me a cute scarf and long socks to use to stretch and warm up in for ballet! My mom also gave a set of ornaments. They are super adorable. So perfect!! My brother got me a new ballet leotard, but left it back home in PA. Silly brother. Lol.

My BFF got me some awesome gifts too. The shirt is perfect. For those that don’t know me….I’m horribly terrified of spiders. Like hate them with a passion. She also got me a new Vera purse, a ballet ornament, one of the Disney board games pictured above, and a really pretty necklace. The saying on the necklace is the perfect way of expressing our friendship. It means so much to me.

I love every single gift I received this year. You can definitely tell how much of a Disney freak I am now!! Almost all my gifts relate to that! Hah!! It was so nice to see the family for Christmas dinner. My mom and brother were in from PA, and we went over to my inlaws house for gifts and dinner. They have a small family too. There was 11 of us total! So it was a fun time!






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Beginner Ballet Tips: Improving Your Turnout

Thought this post was really neat and very informative!! Thanks Kristen!! I will try these over break too!!

Adult Ballerina Project

In my ballet class, we’ve recently been working on improving our turnout, and I’m always looking for new stretches and exercises to help improve my turnout (in addition to working on stretching out my splits). Turnout in ballet refers to the outward rotation of the feet and hips.  One of my favorites is the frog stretch. Even though it looks a bit ridiculous, it stretches really well. describes the frog stretch as

 This is the popular stretch where you lay on your stomach with your knees bent, legs turned out, and feet pressed together. This stretches your inner thighs, which will help enable better turnout, especially in pliè.

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Stretch, Baby, Stretch!!

Last night was mostly an unproductive evening. I fell asleep waiting for my husband to get home from work and ended up sleeping for like 2 hours. Fail. I then decided to get all the music on my iPod. My husband was nice enough to download like 300 songs for me. Thanks husband!! Putting what I wanted on my iPod didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. Once I started listening to the music, I felt motivated to stretch!! Yay!! So I then spent the next 30 minutes stretching to my new tunes and singing to the dog while doing so. I even enlisted my husband to help me stretch. I can slowly start to see the little bits of improvement in my flexibility. I really want to get into a routine of stretching daily. We’ll see what happens. I’m slowly getting more flexible with my saddle wall stretch too. I can see that my feet are a little lower on the wall! Yippie!!

On another good note….41 days until Disney!! That’s almost one month people!! I’m getting super excited. I have some plans to do some ballet inspired projects while in Disney. So stay tuned!! I’m really looking forward to this trip. I can’t wait.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

And for your viewing pleasure….my reindeer doggy!!


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More On Sciatica

Thought this was a great post by none other than the Legal Ballerina! Check it out!!

The Legal Ballerina

Kate writes:

Hi, I’m a ballet dancer too and having huge trouble at the moment with bad sciatica pain. I’ve searched google for some advice but any exercises are for non-dancers or for people who do dance for fun. However ballet is my life and taking it easy is just not an option, which I’m sure you understand! It was reassuring to read that you have a similar problem to me and I wondered if you have any advice or exercises that could help? The pain gets worse with arabesques and back bends and working on turnout, but these are things that I have to keep working on! The pain gets better only when I take time off, but as you know these days we’re expected to be like contortionists so I really can’t give stretching a rest. However the pain is terrible and leaving me very miserable. I’d really…

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