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Teaching Update!

Thought I would give a quick little update on my dance teaching! I’ve been learning how to teach for 3 weeks now and things are going great! The little girls are starting to get to know me, and they are just so cute! My teacher is still in there to help me and take over when necessary. I’ve always had at least 2 of the high school girls in there helping as well. So far, I absolutely love it! I’m picking up things quickly and I’m learning to manage the little girls better. It’s weird to hear myself yelling out the steps! Hah! I’m so glad my teacher gave me this opportunity. I’m really enjoying it.

I found the song I think we are going to use for our Combo class! They are our 5-6 year olds. They are so adorable. And they all love being there in class! I just have to work on the choreography now. I’m still looking for a song for our Creative class, which is the 3-4 year olds. I have a song in mind, but I’m just not sure if it will work yet. We shall see!

I love watching the little girls learn new things. And seeing their faces light up when we do their favorite dance. And I love the hugs they give before and after class. They are just too sweet ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s the Final Countdown!!!

That’s right. It’s the final countdown! To my very first half marathon! Only 6 more days now until I gear up and head downtown in the wee hours of the morning to start my race! I ran my last training run on Saturday. I difficult 10 miles to say the least. I chose to do my run in a local MetroPark while my husband and his friends hiked. There’s the first red flag. If people can hike the same trails I want to run, I’m in for some trouble. Hah! Actually, the trails weren’t that bad. My first mile was a flat loop. Not too bad. Then my second to third miles started to get some hilly action. Tolerable though. Then came miles three through five. Holy cannoli. Big hills. Like, I have to walk up them and still stop to catch my breath kind of hills. Here’s my view from the top trail of the gorge. Simply beautiful!


The 1.5 mile loop up here was more difficult to run. There were huge boulders, rocks, tree roots, etc. everywhere! It reminded me of the trails I ran while down in Hocking Hills. To get my mileage in I had to repeat some of the trails on the opposite side of the hill. This meant lots of elevation changes. It was tough, but I didn’t stray too far from my normal pace. Once I got to my five mile marker, I descended back down the huge hill to the flatter trails. I did a couple out and backs and then did my last 3 miles on the flat loop trail.


My time was only a few minutes off from my last 10 mile run. This time it was 2:05 while the first time was 1:57. My first one was much, much, flatter than this time.

So needless to say, I’m a little nervous for Sunday! I trained as best as I could for this race. I know I’m undertrained, but I know I can finish this race. I didn’t really end up missing any ballet classes either. Just swapped a few of them out for some other classes where the work wouldn’t be as hard on my calves. My plan is to take it easy this week in ballet. I have classes twice a week, so I will see. I think I’m going to go to class tomorrow night and just take it easy. Then just miss class on Thursday. Gotta have fresh legs for the race! I’ll try to take pictures, but I’m not sure if I’m going to have my phone with me or not. Hope everyone has been well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Downtown Willoughby 5k Race Recap


Since I find myself with some time today, I figured I would write a little race recap!

First off let’s talk about registration. This race was brought to my attention by a fellow co-worker. She insisted me and husband sign up for it. It was the first race for this organization and they promised some awesome goodies! This was a 5k race throughout downtown Willoughby. It only cost $15 to sign up and with your registration you got the following goodies:

  • Tote Bag
  • Tech T-Shirt
  • Pint Glass
  • Free Cupcake at Finish Line
  • 3 Free Beer Tickets to Local Bars

This is amazing considering the low cost of the race! So of course, I registered. Who wouldn’t run for a free cupcake and beer?! This race actually sold out. I believe they had around 2000 runners? So good for the community!

Race Day. This race started unusually late in the morning…10:15am. By this time in most races I have already completed the race and having breakfast at my favorite place. So this was a little weird, but ok since it wasn’t hot out. Husband and I parked our car, which the parking was super easy and very available, and we made our way down to the race area. We needed to hit the bathrooms one more time before the race, so we went over to the port-a-potties to find an extremely long line with only 4-5 toilets. I think since they knew the race had sold out ahead of time, they should have at least got a few more port-a-potties. We eventually made it through the line and we still had about 15 minutes until race start. We ran into some other co-workers that were walking the race and just there supporting the community. We then made our way to the middle of the pack and waited to start. They had an Irish bag-pipe band get things started and then we counted down! And then the crowd was off! Well, in front of us that is. There were so many people that we actually had to walk up to the start line. There was no room to run. And even once we passed the start line and our timers began, it was a gridlock. There were so many people at varying speeds, and some people even walking, that it was almost impossible to get moving. I lost at least a solid minute on my time here which was very disappointing. People running, including myself, took to running on the sidewalk just to get past people. I’m sorry, but the information for the race clearly said that the walkers needed to line up behind all the runners. People need to adhere to this. It is dangerous to have walkers in a running crowd. It wasn’t until the first mile was complete that the crowd started to thin out. We were running on the street too. So many people!! They had one water stop around the second mile I believe. I did not stop to use, trying to make up for lost time at the beginning. This race also had no mile markers along the course. I run with my Garmin watch, so knowing my distance isn’t a problem. But for people that don’t, not knowing where you are in the race can be very upsetting. My husband had to deal with this and he did not like it. There were many locals standing and sitting in their driveways cheering everyone one along the route which was awesome. I love seeing people support us runners! It makes me keep running!

I ran pretty well considering I had just run 10 miles the day before this race. My legs felt good, other than some tightness in my left IT band. My finish time was 30:03. I’m happy with this considering my long run on Saturday. Had I not been held up at the beginning I know I could have finished under 30. That’s ok though! Husband finished at 31:34. I’m so proud of him! I love being able to see him cross the finish line.

So here is my overall Pro/Con List for this race:


  • Nice race swag (bag, shirt, glass, free cupcake, free beer tickets)
  • Flat course
  • Nice, friendly, atmosphere
  • Instant race results online
  • Very easy and straightforward website for info and registration


  • Not enough bathrooms
  • No mile markers on course
  • Too many people running
  • Walkers not being in the back
  • Late start time
  • Large Age Brackets (mine was 21-29)

Given the race was so cheap and the awesome stuff you got with it, I would probably run this race again. Unless there was a different race going on lol. Overall, I think Willoughby did a good job being that this was their first race. Hopefully next year things will improve and make this race an even better event!


Back in the Saddle Again!

I love me some Aerosmith….anyways…..

Well hello there! I feel like I haven’t written a post in a long time. Yikes! I have been crazy busy lately and I’m sorry for the silence over here! My husband and I were out of town the past 2 weekends and this upcoming weekend is filled to the brim as well!

The first session of the new dance year has begun. Last Thursday was our first class back since summer session. After having 3 weeks off I thought I would be super shaky and a little sluggish, but it was the opposite! I got right back into the groove of things. Most importantly? My pirouettes. I don’t know what happened since our recital in June, but ever since then my pirouettes are off the hook! Hah! I struggled landing my double pirouette in our recital dance for months leading up to it. And now? I’m easily landing my doubles (on my right) and am actually getting my triples. I’m not landing the triples as smooth as I should, but hey. I’m getting around. I am so proud of myself! And my dreaded pirouettes on my left side are actually becoming a little easier too. I used to have to struggle for a single, and now I’m almost consistently landing doubles. I can’t help but think what a long way I have come in the last year. One of the girls in my class said the same thing last week to me. She told me “remember how a year ago you were afraid to come off the barre? Now look at you!” And she is right. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily struggles, but don’t forget how much you have accomplished. Hearing her say that to me totally made my night. Even my chaรฎne turns on the right have significantly improved. I’m turning faster and I’m keeping better control over my feet and body. I love being able to actually feel how much I’ve improved. Makes me so happy.

As for my pointe shoe situation… I’ve gone back to wearing my Gaynors. The ones I bought before our recital. They are the hard shank. I emailed Gaynor Minden and asked about being able to special order shoes and she gave me the go ahead. But, I’ve decided to hold off. Being $130, I just have a hard time spending that money when I have shoes that I can use, just are a little annoying. So that’s what I’ve done. I’m just going to keep wearing these shoes and stuffing a bunch of lambs wool in them. It gets the job done! I do have to say that my left foot is already really breaking in the shoe. My teacher thought the shoe was broken already. Yikes. Silly left foot. I’m not having any pain though, so I’m going to keep wearing them. They actually feel very comfortable. I’m sorry Gaynor for every cheating on you with Grishko. It was a silly thing to do. Just a moment of weakness. I’m glad we’re back together ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching! My teacher will be there with me, so I’m nervous, but not super nervous. I’m so excited!! I also have a 5k race this Sunday. Even husband is doing it with me! Who wouldn’t want to run and then get a beer and cupcake at the finish line?! I also have to find time to get my long run in this weekend. The scary 8 miles. It will be my first time going this far. Eeeeeekkkk. I’ve also talked to my teacher about possible cutting back just a little with ballet. At least until my half marathon is over. My little calves just can’t take it! We’ll see though. I love ballet too much to miss it. But I’ve got to listen to my body. So we shall see!

I’ve loved keeping up with everyones blogs. So fun to see everyone getting back into the swing of ballet season! Keep up the good work everyone ๐Ÿ™‚