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Feet Flexibility

My Halloween this year will consist of working (only for a half day!), evading the ridiculous rain, stretching, maybe some practicing, and hopefully watching a scary movie with the husband!! I’m so ready for this rain to be done with. It’s been raining consistently since Saturday. Enough already! I think our town moved trick or treating until the weekend, but I don’t think we’ll be passing out candy anyways. I’ve kind of been slacking on the stretching since last week. So I must do it tonight.

Here are a few videos I like that show different ways to increase foot and ankle flexibility and how to warm up before stretching them. Let me know if you do any of these exercises and what you think!

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Gory at the Quarry

Well after 2 nights in the cold rain and 8 loads of laundry later, I’m back! Camping wasn’t all that bad this weekend. Friday night we actually stayed dry there. Saturday was rainy off and on all day, but it was tolerable. The dog had fun!! There were so many other dogs there this time!! It was nice to just kind of walk around the quarry and see all the pretty fall leaves. This is one of my favorite camping places. It hosts summer music festivals every year. It really is an amazing place!! They had some pretty awesome bands there this year for Gory. It was a long, cold, wet weekend but it was still fun!!! Back to the old routine tomorrow!! Here’s hoping class goes well tomorrow!!! Hope everyone stays warm and dry this week!!



Adult Ballerina Goes Camping!!

Ballet class last night was really fun!! We did the same adagio we did on Monday, except we added to it!! Our teacher loves this song and started chugging away at dance moves!! I think we are doing it as our recital dance. Squee!!!!! This makes me so happy!! I absolutely love what we are doing so far. It’s challenging but a manageable challenge. I can do all the moves, it’s just refining them and making them as pretty as I can. I hope she sticks with this one!! It’s leaps and bounds better than the recital dance I did last year at my old studio. Pointe class was ehhh. My shoes and my ankles are still fighting with each other. She had me switch my shoes back to the appropriate feet last night causing more pain. Sigh. My left foot is so much stronger than my right that its making it extremely difficult to build up strength in my right ankle. I’m also getting a ton of pressure on my big toes. It’s like my weight is resting all on my big toe rather than being spread out across the box of my shoe. I think I read somewhere that this may be because the width of my box is too big?? I dunno!! I’ve tried so many different combinations of padding for my toes. Nothing seems to work.

On a different note now….I’m going camping this weekend!! Normally I’m excited for this Halloween camping festival, I’m not this year. The weather is supposed to suck. Like 40 degrees and a lot of rain kind if suck. Blah. I’m actually scared about how cold I will be this weekend. Being cold is usually something I can tolerate, but add in constant rain? Forget it. I’m hoping my doggy does ok with the weather. We bring her entire wardrobe with us! Hah! She has the cutest costume this year. You’ll have to wait for pictures!!! I’m sure I will post one on Instagram/Twitter. I’m dressing up too!

Hopefully I survive this weekend. I obviously will not be stretching. I most likely will not be able to resist the urge to practice our routine though while walking through the woods!! Hope everyone stays warm and dry this weekend!! I know I won’t be 😫


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Pumpkin King

This adult ballerina did not stretch or practice tonight. Instead, I spent the evening with my husband decorating our pumpkins for Halloween. My husband carved his pumpkin and I tried painting mine for the first time. It was tedious but I’m happy with the outcome!! I still have one more to paint (for our doggy), but that will have to wait until after ballet class tomorrow night. Enjoy!!!

Jack Skellington

Husband’s Pumpkin (he took the traditional route, eh)


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So last night was my dreaded Monday night classes. I only kept my pointe shoes on for 30 minutes in the first class as to not tire myself out. We did a really neat adagio in center to one of my teacher’s favorite songs. I loved it. And I did pretty good at it. Then my second class came. And ya know what?! It was ok! In fact, it was more than ok, it was great!! I’m getting better and stronger every week working only from center. We didn’t really do any new combinations this week, so that was a relief. We did however work on pirouettes for about a half hour. This time though, they were to begin in 5th position and end in 5th position, and you were to just keep going. I thought I was really going to struggle with this since I can’t really do multiple pirouettes yet. Surprisingly though, I didn’t do so bad. I could get to around 4-5 on my right and maybe 3-4 on my left. I tried really hard!! I think my teacher was pleased with me. We also did a piquΓ© set across the floor with some pirouettes also. I did pretty decent with those. Kept getting a little twisted up on my left side, but overall not too bad. My turns were good this week too. Nothing out of the ordinary struggle. We worked on our grande jΓ¨tes from second too. I feel like I did a great job on my right side. The teacher had us do them in large circles. One of the younger girls even said, “you’re like really good at those.” That totally made everything I do there worth it. To think that a younger girl, maybe 12-13 years old, thinks I did something like really good. Thank you little girl. That means more to me than you know!! I think my teacher was happy with those from me too. I used the whole floor!

This Monday went so much better than last week’s. I’m actually kind of glad I had such a bad lesson because I learned so much from it. I found myself saying, “attack!!!!” to everything we did in class. And I feel like I performed much better.

So, adult beginners, do not fear. Some days will seem impossible and not worth trying. Other days will seem like your best. You will learn a lot from those bad days. More than you think you will. I’ll leave you with a cool tweet I saw on Twitter this evening….

“Hard days are the best….that’s where champions are made.”


Adult Dance Camp 2013 Schedule!!!!

Here it is!!!!!!!

April 11-14 Waldorf, MD
June 16-22 Richmond, VA
June 30-July 6 Vancouver, WA
August 18-24 Richmond, VA
September 1-7 Saratoga Springs, NY

Feel free to ask her any questions.

Heidi Winton-Stahle
President, Sun King Dance, LLC