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Ballet Gear Reviews

Here are items I have personally purchased and used in my ballet or pointe classes, and my thoughts on them!! Please feel free to add any comments if you’ve used them before!


Capezio Adult Economy Short Sleeve Leotard


This was the first leotard I bought. They are true to size and are very comfy. They offer no lining or support   on the inside, which was a huge downside for me. I was able to wear a sports bra under them though without being able to see it.





Capezio BraTek Camisole Leotard


This leotard is nice because of the inner bra. It has clasps in the back like a normal bra which you can adjust for size. This leotard is more cotton than I like to wear. It’s tolerable and it hides sweat very well though.





I also have a MotionWear leotard that is my favorite. I don’t have a picture of it though. I will try to upload one soon. This brand is actually my favorite leotard brand. They offer leotards that are cute, comfy, and fit me well. They go up to size XL. The one I have is made out of a neat, shiny material. It hides sweat perfectly and breathes really well. I love it!

MotionWear Double Halter Leotard

MotionWear Double Halter Leotard


This leotard was given to me as a gift. While the size and material are awesome, I have a hard time wearing halter tops. So, if you have a larger bust- this leotard may be a little uncomfortable. I spent most of class constantly pulling it up. If you have a smaller bust though this would be a great leotard to add to your collection. I own it in black.



MotionWear Adult Drape Back Leotard

MotionWear Adult Drape Back Leotard


I own this leotard in black. I thought when I bought it from Amazon that it would be made out of the same silky material my other 2 MotionWear leos were. Sadly, it is not. It’s more of a cotton material, which is still ok. The sizing is good and it fits comfortably. This one also has no shelf lining like the other ones. So therefore I need to wear a dance bra under it.




Capezio Transition Tights/Ultra Soft


These tights are very durable and comfy. They do have an elastic waistband, which I do not like. These types of tights give me a “roll” above the elastic.






Capezio Adult Mesh Convertible Mock Seamed Tights


I had to purchase these tights for a recital. They run very small, even though they offer a L/XL size. I’m not very large by any means, but I had a hard time fitting in these. They are nice and thick though and will last.






Capezio Classic Mesh Transition Tight with Seam


I also had to purchase these tights for a recital. These tights offer larger sizing- up to XXL. They are incredibly thin and cheap though. I had to be extremely careful when taking them on/off as to not tear them. These are ok if you need to just wear them once or twice, they would not be good as a long use pair of tights.





Capezio Adult Convertible Body Tight


I got these tights to try as an alternative to all the elastic waistband ones. These tights can stretch up under or over your chest and have clear straps. The straps can also criss cross in the back. I ended up just using these tights without the straps. The top of the tights just sit snug without falling down. There are no visible lines under my black leotard. I got them in pink.





Eurotard Euroskins Adult Convertible Tights


I came across these tights in a local dance store. They are the best tights I have found so far. They do not have an elastic waistband. It sits nicely on me without giving me any rolls. If you are like me and have a little meat on your bones, these tights will make your life so much easier. I only have them pink. My only slight complaint is that occasionally the waist will start to roll up under my leotard, but I can usually adjust it just fine. A good buy.




Capezio Adult “Juliet” Leather Split-Sole


These have been the only ballet shoes I have worn. They have nice padding in the toe and heel areas, but because it’s only glued down, they eventually tear out. I just placed moleskin in there though and it did the trick. Very comfy and long-lasting. True to street size. I wear a size 10 in street shoes and my ballet shoes are also a size 10. You have to sew the elastics on yourself.



Bloch "Pro Elastic" Canvas Ballet Shoe

Bloch “Pro Elastic” Canvas Ballet Shoe


These are now my current ballet shoes. The elastics are pre-sewn and there are no drawstrings. There is elastic that contours completely around your foot and heel. These are very comfortable to wear and dance in. They don’t stick to the floor like leather shoes tend to do. The sizing is a little different from street shoes, so I would recommend either getting sized at a store or using a website that offers free shipping both ways, like



Bloch "Elastosplit X" Canvas Ballet Shoe

Bloch “Elastosplit X” Canvas Ballet Shoe


I got these on a friend’s recommendation. They are horrible. It seems like a nice concept, but in reality it doesn’t work. The shoe doesn’t provide any support under your arch. And since the shoe is essentially split in half, when doing pirouettes or other turns, my foot would just twist around inside the shoe. I could not wear these. I do not recommend buying them.








Bloch Sonata Pointe Shoe


This was my first pair of pointe shoes. I think these are on the cheaper end of what Bloch offers. These ended up being too narrow and tapered for my feet. They are well made and easy to break in though.





Bloch Balance European Pointe Shoe


These were my second pair of pointe shoes. They worked great at first, but I found myself breaking them in too quickly. They fit good and are a very common shoe for beginners. Other girls in my class wear them and love them. They are a good buy.





Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe


These are the current pointe shoes I wear. I was properly fitted in a store and fell in love with them. I have tweaked the shank stiffness and width in them since my first pair. Contrary to what they say about these shoes, they do break down, but in their own way. They are extremely soft sounding and are very comfortable. I just wear ouch pouches with them and I never have any blisters or sore spots. They are a very expensive shoe, but the only one that works for me. I wouldn’t recommend these to new beginners, as these shoes are quite different than your traditional pointe shoe. I highly recommend these to the more experienced dancer.

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  1. I like you site, really helpfull and lovely to read! Thanks! xxx madelon

  2. Aaahhh so here’s where I read about the Bloch “pro elastic” canvas split-sole..! I bought them yesterday and they are mighty comfortable!! 🙂

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