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Today’s THE Day!!!

Today is the day!!!! I’m seeing the Nutcracker tonight!!!! I’m beyond thrilled. The Cleveland Orchestra is playing too, which makes this an amazing show. I read an article online that said something about Joffrey Ballet Company wanting to maybe continue a partnership with the Cleveland Orchestra!! That would mean hopefully more ballet performances brought to Cleveland!! I cannot wait to see, and hear, this amazing production tonight. I’m pretty sure my mouth will be dropped open the entire show in awe. That, and I’ll be saying hey, that’s a passé!! Ohhhh that’s Ana amazing number of pirouettes and fouettés!! Her coupé is amazing!! That pas de deux was stunning. My husband will probably want to strangle me by the end of the show. Hah!! I encourage everyone out there to go and see a live ballet if you have the opportunity. The costumes will be stunning, the music beautiful, and the dancing exquisite. I really wish more ballets came to Cleveland.

On another happy note…..only 53 days until Disney!! I can’t believe how fast it is coming up. I’m ready for some Florida sun, hopefully it’s not freezing when we are there!! 🏰🎠🎢☀

Getting the Christmas tree tomorrow too. Yay!!!! 🎄🎅🎁

Happy Dancing!!

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More On Sciatica

Thought this was a great post by none other than the Legal Ballerina! Check it out!!

The Legal Ballerina

Kate writes:

Hi, I’m a ballet dancer too and having huge trouble at the moment with bad sciatica pain. I’ve searched google for some advice but any exercises are for non-dancers or for people who do dance for fun. However ballet is my life and taking it easy is just not an option, which I’m sure you understand! It was reassuring to read that you have a similar problem to me and I wondered if you have any advice or exercises that could help? The pain gets worse with arabesques and back bends and working on turnout, but these are things that I have to keep working on! The pain gets better only when I take time off, but as you know these days we’re expected to be like contortionists so I really can’t give stretching a rest. However the pain is terrible and leaving me very miserable. I’d really…

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Australia where you at?!?!


I know I have had some viewers from the awesome country of Australia. So my awesome Aussies, I have a question for you!! I watched this show on Netflix called “Dance Academy” this past year. I’m addicted. Does anyone know if the new season has started yet?? I thought I had read online that they were doing another season. Could anyone out there help me?!?! And for everyone else, if you have Netflix, you should check out the show. It takes place in Australia, so all the kids on the show have that awesome Aussie accent. And yes, it’s about teenagers. I’m a sap for high school, teenage, drama. What can I say!?!? I’m also into Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make It or Break It, Bunheads, Pretty Little Liars, etc. I even like a couple of the shows from the Disney Channel. *gasp* Some of my faves are Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, Phineas and Ferb, and when it was around….Hannah Montana. Call me lame if you want. There’s just a part of me that loves these cheesy kid shows.


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Ballet, Babies, and Beer


Sooooooooo it’s been a few days. Hello there!! I’ve been super busy, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This past weekend was full of events!! Friday night I had LB and her family over to party and play games in the man cave. LB loves it!! The kids had a blast and so did we. I love me some LB!! Saturday I had make up classes alllllll day. I danced from 12:45-4:15. Yikes!! It was definitely exhausting. I did the first 1.5 hours in my pointe shoes too. I didn’t have any problems with them!! They are amazing!! My right foot is still struggling, but I’m really trying to work on it. The rest of class went really well. We did a lot of leg work. Many kicks and stretches. My calves are still sore. Then that night we had my husband’s friends (well they’re my friends too!!) over. We hung out in the man cave all night. Then Sunday morning I had to drive to Pittsburgh for my cousin’s baby shower. She was so adorable!! She doesn’t know what she’s having. That’s fun!! And then after the shower I went and spent the rest of the afternoon with my good friend Jane. Jane is 8. She was the first girl I nannied way back in the day lol. I began watching her when she was 3 months old. I love her so much (and she adores me). We have an awesome relationship. She was the flower girl in my wedding, along with her brother, Jack, who was my ring bearer. He’s 10. They are such amazing kids. Love them to death. This week is crazy busy too!! Last night I had both of my classes. All I can is OUCH. My teacher worked us hard. All night. I did about an hour of my first class in my pointe shoes. That kicked my butt. And in the second class we worked again on our legs and stretching a lot. We even got to do a partner stretching activity which was painful but fun!! LB was my partner, obvi, and she is crazy flexible now. I’m super jealous. I’m trying to get there. We then worked on some piqué, piqué, fouettés then. I sucked. I can piqué just fine. It’s those darn fouettés. I’m so close to kind of getting them on my right. My left?? Forget it.

I have class again on Thursday, yay!! We have a couple new younger girls joining our pointe class. I’m really excited to see them!! And Friday is the NUTCRACKER!!!! Yessssss!! I’m sooooo pumped. I just bought a new dress today for it!! It’s very Black Swan-esque!! It’s all black lace with some black feathers on the bottom. It’s gorgeous!!!

Saturday we are going to pick out our Christmas tree with my inlaws! We get a real one every year. I love it!! Pictures will be shared!! And then our friends are having our monthly “Beer Club” meet up at a local brewery!! Another fun, busy weekend ahead!!

One question though……does anyone else struggle, or did struggle, with getting your fouettés??!?! I’d love to hear about your experience with them and how you learned to accomplish them. Thanks!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!! Talk to you soon 🙂


Happy Turkey Day!!


Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving today!! I’m thankful for so many things. I’m thankful for my health, my husband, my family, our warm home, my loving pets, my friends, my job, and the ability to do ballet! It’s a bummer that my mom and brother couldn’t make it over, he got his tonsils out yesterday, and what an experience that turned out to be for him! We are doing Thanksgiving over at my inlaws house this year. I was in charge if making 2 pumpkin pies, the green bean casserole, and the candied yams! Yummy!!

Enjoy the ballerina turkey!! Thought it was funny!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Calves Go Moooooo!!

So I had class last night. And it totally kicked my butt (well, calves actually lol). Both classes my teacher focused on a lot of leg strength exercises and combinations. My little legs were burning!! Or Mooing as my teacher calls it! I tried my new canvas ballet slippers. They’re so comfy on my feet, but I had a ridiculously hard time turning in them. My feet kept sliding inside in the slipper causing me to not balance or land my feet correctly. They don’t look or feel baggy or too big. They look like they fit perfectly. I’ll give them a few more tries and see if they get better, otherwise it’s back to the good ol’ reliables!! Overall class went well. LB got me a new leotard for my birthday that finally arrived last week! It’s a halter type. I’ve never had good luck with halter tops. My neck is always really sore from the weight of my chest. And because of how the chest area is in the leotard, I spent most of the night constantly readjusting myself. No bueno. It’s such a cute leotard, I’m really bummed that I may not be able to wear it. I’ll see. I have a “dance bra” but even that thing is horribly uncomfortable. I don’t fit in that either, and it’s the biggest size they make it in. Stupid chest. Maybe I can find a different dance bra. Any suggestions?!?!

I showed my new pointe shoes to my teacher and she loved them!! She was very happy with the way they looked on my feet and how I felt about them. She was even more thrilled when she saw me roll through my feet in them. I can’t wait to use them in class.

Well, I don’t have class on Thursday due to the holiday, but I do have make up classes this Saturday from when my teacher was out sick. I’ll be dancing for about 4 hours straight!! No better time to start working off all that holiday food!!

I’m getting new tires put on my car tomorrow too. Yippie!! I also have my cousin’s baby shower this weekend and I’m visiting a good friend. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!!


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Sunday Project

This lovely Sunday was spent doing a variety of things!! My mom and I went to Jo-Ann fabrics to pick out fabric and find items to create my own Disney pin binder. I ended up buying a bunch of pre-cut pieces of felt that were adhesive on one side. I then got sturdy card stock paper and adhered the felt to that. Punch holes in the side to place in a binder and voila!! A pin binder!! It holds the pins pretty well. I noticed the backs come off every now and then. But compared to the expensive ones online ($40-$60) mine will do!! I was able to complete it for around $25-$30.


My husband helped me make my binder, we walked the dog, and then raked the leaves up from the yard. It was so nice out today!! Now I will be spending the rest of the evening hanging out with the husband, folding laundry, and watching the Walking Dead. Awesome freaking show if you’ve never seen it. I love me some zombies!!!

I’m so excited for ballet tomorrow!!! And very excited for Thanksgiving. And the amazing food. Yum!!