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Back in the Saddle Again!

I love me some Aerosmith….anyways…..

Well hello there! I feel like I haven’t written a post in a long time. Yikes! I have been crazy busy lately and I’m sorry for the silence over here! My husband and I were out of town the past 2 weekends and this upcoming weekend is filled to the brim as well!

The first session of the new dance year has begun. Last Thursday was our first class back since summer session. After having 3 weeks off I thought I would be super shaky and a little sluggish, but it was the opposite! I got right back into the groove of things. Most importantly? My pirouettes. I don’t know what happened since our recital in June, but ever since then my pirouettes are off the hook! Hah! I struggled landing my double pirouette in our recital dance for months leading up to it. And now? I’m easily landing my doubles (on my right) and am actually getting my triples. I’m not landing the triples as smooth as I should, but hey. I’m getting around. I am so proud of myself! And my dreaded pirouettes on my left side are actually becoming a little easier too. I used to have to struggle for a single, and now I’m almost consistently landing doubles. I can’t help but think what a long way I have come in the last year. One of the girls in my class said the same thing last week to me. She told me “remember how a year ago you were afraid to come off the barre? Now look at you!” And she is right. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily struggles, but don’t forget how much you have accomplished. Hearing her say that to me totally made my night. Even my chaîne turns on the right have significantly improved. I’m turning faster and I’m keeping better control over my feet and body. I love being able to actually feel how much I’ve improved. Makes me so happy.

As for my pointe shoe situation… I’ve gone back to wearing my Gaynors. The ones I bought before our recital. They are the hard shank. I emailed Gaynor Minden and asked about being able to special order shoes and she gave me the go ahead. But, I’ve decided to hold off. Being $130, I just have a hard time spending that money when I have shoes that I can use, just are a little annoying. So that’s what I’ve done. I’m just going to keep wearing these shoes and stuffing a bunch of lambs wool in them. It gets the job done! I do have to say that my left foot is already really breaking in the shoe. My teacher thought the shoe was broken already. Yikes. Silly left foot. I’m not having any pain though, so I’m going to keep wearing them. They actually feel very comfortable. I’m sorry Gaynor for every cheating on you with Grishko. It was a silly thing to do. Just a moment of weakness. I’m glad we’re back together 🙂

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching! My teacher will be there with me, so I’m nervous, but not super nervous. I’m so excited!! I also have a 5k race this Sunday. Even husband is doing it with me! Who wouldn’t want to run and then get a beer and cupcake at the finish line?! I also have to find time to get my long run in this weekend. The scary 8 miles. It will be my first time going this far. Eeeeeekkkk. I’ve also talked to my teacher about possible cutting back just a little with ballet. At least until my half marathon is over. My little calves just can’t take it! We’ll see though. I love ballet too much to miss it. But I’ve got to listen to my body. So we shall see!

I’ve loved keeping up with everyones blogs. So fun to see everyone getting back into the swing of ballet season! Keep up the good work everyone 🙂

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New 30 Day Challenge

Soooooo I guess it would benefit me to jump on board with a new 30 day challenge. My other fellow adult ballerinas have decided to do it, so I guess I should too. Now, my first 30 day challenge didn’t go so good. I wanted to work on my splits and begin stretching everyday, and well that never happened. I’m not surprised. Hah! I was trying to think of practical things I know I could do. With all of my ballet classes prepping for our recital, we have not been spending much time on technique or anything. So I think I’m going to try for a few things this month. First up….stretching. Yes, I know I said I tried this before and it didn’t work. This just means I have to try again. Second….my pirouettes. I want clean doubles. Third….my attitude turns. They need to look better. I will aim to improve on all three things this month. With all of them being in my recital dances, there is no option. My teacher says I look good in my dances, but she knows I can give her more. So more it will be. I want to look good on stage and make not only her proud, but myself. So I will be working on these three things as much as I can in class in-between rehearsing. And I will just have to start practicing at home. Time to roll out the good ol’ ballet floor! My studio is closed this week for spring break, so instead of ballet classes, I will just have to practice at home. I might attend some work out classes there this week instead too. Can’t hurt to be more in shape. I have to say since I’ve started running my stamina has greatly improved in class. I can now push through my dances and not feel as fatigued or out of breath every time. Yay! I’m doing really good with my running too. Ran 5.4 miles in our local park yesterday, whoop whoop! I signed up for a 5 mile run this upcoming Sunday….yikes! Super nervous. I’m sure everything will be ok. Hopefully!

In other news….I think I broke my shanks on my Gaynor Mindens?? I know, I know….before you all say its impossible to break their shanks, please look at the following picture….


These are the Supple shanks, but I don’t think this is supposed to happen? I can completely bend them in half and they make a weird cracking/ plastic rubbing together sound. It’s really weird. And where its bending in half is weird? I’m still dancing in them, but I’m starting to get big toe pressure/pain now when I’m dancing. My hard shanks I had were comfy to me and I was always able to roll through demi-pointe in them from the beginning….so I don’t know what to do? Has anyone else who has danced in Gaynor’s had this happen to their shoes? I feel like I can dance in any shank type in these shoes, so how do I figure out which ones are the best for me? Any suggestions out there??


Turns Out the Wazoo!!


Ok people. With the holiday break coming up, I have a lot to work on. Last Thursday in class me and LB and the other adult in our class were told we need to work more on our dance. I know my weaknesses right now are my turns. I need to work on them all. They include: chaînes, piqué turns, pirouettes, attitude turns, and inside turns. Ugh. I don’t know what my problem has been lately. I’ve really been struggling with my turns. Last night in class we worked on double pirouettes. I’m still not consistent with them. We usually land them back in fifth, but last night we were to land in an open fourth turned to the side. (Not sure of what that’s exactly called). I struggled with that. I was however able to hit a couple double pirouettes on my left side. Win. The one dance I have requires me to do chaînés on the left. I know I have to get this down. I have no choice. It’s not that I can’t do them, I can. They are just sloppy and not consistent yet. And just like anything else in ballet, they need to be perfect or I won’t be happy. We also worked on fouettés. I’m actually getting more confident about them. I’m still better at them coming after a pirouette, but last night we did them after piqués. I’m actually really starting to like working on fouettés. I used to be terrified and would become very discouraged at even the mention of doing them. Now I want to practice them as much as I can!! And then there’s these inside turns. Blah. I still can’t seem to get them. I know I’m not kicking my leg out as much as I should because I’m afraid I will fall. I just can’t give up. I know I can get them. It just takes time. My attitude turns on my right aren’t completely horrible. They definitely need work, but at least it’s a start. My left attitude turns are not so good. I struggle to get up and around. I know they will improve because they have to. They are also in our dance.

These turns can seem very overwhelming. And they are. I know how to do them all now, it’s just a matter of practicing them. Practicing them until I can’t anymore. Practice makes perfect! Right?! I’m also really trying to work on stretching every day. I’m hoping to be able to stretch and practice over the holiday break next week. I’m lucky to have some room in my house to turn, so I best take advantage of it. I don’t want my teacher to be disappointed in me. I want her to be proud of me. I know I’m not there yet. I’m still a work in a progress. Heck, I’ll always be a work in progress with ballet.

I hope everyone has had good ballet sessions up until now! I can’t believe this year is almost over. To look back and think about how far LB and I have come is just amazing. I’m so very proud of her. And I’m proud of myself. I’m glad I stuck with this and continue to push myself. LB and I are an unstoppable team now. Nothing will break us. I know I can achieve everything I want in ballet with her by my side. I hope you all reached the goals you wanted to in ballet this year. And if you didn’t, I hope they are ready for you to kick their butt next year!! It’s been so inspiring to read about all the other adult beginners out there. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it guys!!

Happy Holidays 🙂