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Trouble in Pointe Shoe Paradise

Sorry for the silence over here! I’ve been super busy lately. Between work, dance, and running…oh and being an adult too, I haven’t had as much time to write. Anywho….no big news to report on the ballet front. Our recital dances are coming along. Two out of the three are completely choreographed now. Yay!! We are working hard at our pointe dance still. It’s proving to be difficult week after week. I’m seeing improvements though with myself from when we first started piecing it together. I’m becoming more confident and learning to just go with the flow. This means I’m just using my feet more and relying on them to get the steps done instead of letting my mind talk me out of it. Stupid mind. We’re also only waiting on one more costume to come in. So that’s exciting. And now we come to pointe shoes. Oh how these little things are such a pain! As an adult dancer, I’m constantly nitpicking my shoes. The size, the width, the shank. I feel like right now there is still room to improve the fit of my shoes. As I mentioned in my previous post, I thought I had somehow managed to break the shanks on my Gaynor Mindens. I wore them to class last week though and was still able to dance in them, except I started getting a lot of pressure and pain on each of my big toes. Not good. This either means that my shank is definitely broken because I’m not getting enough support, or I’m starting to sink into my box. I feel like I’m starting to fall off pointe more frequently too. Like I’m not getting enough support under my feet to keep me up. I spent more time today on the Gaynor Minden dance website. I read their fitting guide….again. From what I see when I’m up on pointe is this: my shoes are not holding me back and they are not allowing me to go over too far, or knuckle. My box seems to be the correct width, although there’s a chance I might fit into a slightly tapered box, but they don’t carry that in my size. My length is correct. So how did my shoes end up getting like they did? Who knows. It’s like those old Tootsie Pop commercials with the kid and the owl. How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?? The world may never know!! Why do I keep having problems with my pointe shoes?? The world may never know!! Hah!! In my frustration after class last week (and the pain) I decided to order yet ANOTHER pair of Gaynors. I decided that I just needed to go back to the hard shank. So I get them in the mail on Monday and check them out. They felt really stiff. I don’t remember my first ones feeling this stiff. After researching again today online I’m starting to think that I don’t actually need the hard shank. I think it’s too stiff. Maybe I need the Exra Flex? That’s the shank down from hard and before Supple, the shank I currently wear. Why does this have to be so difficult?!!?!?

So needless to say…my new shoes are not sewn yet. I’m thinking now I might return them and possibly go with the extra flex. Or even possibly try to tinker with the current ones?! I tried putting one of their blue pads in each shoe. I placed them a little to the sides, so that my big toes are not using them. I’m hoping this helps take some of the pressure off my big toes and redistribute it to the rest of my toes. We’ll see how that goes tonight!!

In running news….I’m officially crazy. I’m actually thinking of trying to do a half marathon in oh about 9 weeks. I’ve dove head first (or foot first?!) into a training plan. I need to run 10 miles by mid June anyways, so this shouldn’t be too much worse. Right?? I did 3 miles last night and another 4 miles today. I have a 5k race on Saturday, too. Holy cannoli. I’ll keep you updated!

Oh and I might have some exciting news to share soon! Still figuring out the details…so I will let you all know when I can!! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂