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Beginner Ballet Tips: Improving Your Turnout

Thought this post was really neat and very informative!! Thanks Kristen!! I will try these over break too!!

Adult Ballerina Project

In my ballet class, we’ve recently been working on improving our turnout, and I’m always looking for new stretches and exercises to help improve my turnout (in addition to working on stretching out my splits). Turnout in ballet refers to the outward rotation of the feet and hips.  One of my favorites is the frog stretch. Even though it looks a bit ridiculous, it stretches really well. describes the frog stretch as

 This is the popular stretch where you lay on your stomach with your knees bent, legs turned out, and feet pressed together. This stretches your inner thighs, which will help enable better turnout, especially in pliè.

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Turns Out the Wazoo!!


Ok people. With the holiday break coming up, I have a lot to work on. Last Thursday in class me and LB and the other adult in our class were told we need to work more on our dance. I know my weaknesses right now are my turns. I need to work on them all. They include: chaînes, piqué turns, pirouettes, attitude turns, and inside turns. Ugh. I don’t know what my problem has been lately. I’ve really been struggling with my turns. Last night in class we worked on double pirouettes. I’m still not consistent with them. We usually land them back in fifth, but last night we were to land in an open fourth turned to the side. (Not sure of what that’s exactly called). I struggled with that. I was however able to hit a couple double pirouettes on my left side. Win. The one dance I have requires me to do chaînés on the left. I know I have to get this down. I have no choice. It’s not that I can’t do them, I can. They are just sloppy and not consistent yet. And just like anything else in ballet, they need to be perfect or I won’t be happy. We also worked on fouettés. I’m actually getting more confident about them. I’m still better at them coming after a pirouette, but last night we did them after piqués. I’m actually really starting to like working on fouettés. I used to be terrified and would become very discouraged at even the mention of doing them. Now I want to practice them as much as I can!! And then there’s these inside turns. Blah. I still can’t seem to get them. I know I’m not kicking my leg out as much as I should because I’m afraid I will fall. I just can’t give up. I know I can get them. It just takes time. My attitude turns on my right aren’t completely horrible. They definitely need work, but at least it’s a start. My left attitude turns are not so good. I struggle to get up and around. I know they will improve because they have to. They are also in our dance.

These turns can seem very overwhelming. And they are. I know how to do them all now, it’s just a matter of practicing them. Practicing them until I can’t anymore. Practice makes perfect! Right?! I’m also really trying to work on stretching every day. I’m hoping to be able to stretch and practice over the holiday break next week. I’m lucky to have some room in my house to turn, so I best take advantage of it. I don’t want my teacher to be disappointed in me. I want her to be proud of me. I know I’m not there yet. I’m still a work in a progress. Heck, I’ll always be a work in progress with ballet.

I hope everyone has had good ballet sessions up until now! I can’t believe this year is almost over. To look back and think about how far LB and I have come is just amazing. I’m so very proud of her. And I’m proud of myself. I’m glad I stuck with this and continue to push myself. LB and I are an unstoppable team now. Nothing will break us. I know I can achieve everything I want in ballet with her by my side. I hope you all reached the goals you wanted to in ballet this year. And if you didn’t, I hope they are ready for you to kick their butt next year!! It’s been so inspiring to read about all the other adult beginners out there. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it guys!!

Happy Holidays 🙂

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Today’s THE Day!!!

Today is the day!!!! I’m seeing the Nutcracker tonight!!!! I’m beyond thrilled. The Cleveland Orchestra is playing too, which makes this an amazing show. I read an article online that said something about Joffrey Ballet Company wanting to maybe continue a partnership with the Cleveland Orchestra!! That would mean hopefully more ballet performances brought to Cleveland!! I cannot wait to see, and hear, this amazing production tonight. I’m pretty sure my mouth will be dropped open the entire show in awe. That, and I’ll be saying hey, that’s a passé!! Ohhhh that’s Ana amazing number of pirouettes and fouettés!! Her coupé is amazing!! That pas de deux was stunning. My husband will probably want to strangle me by the end of the show. Hah!! I encourage everyone out there to go and see a live ballet if you have the opportunity. The costumes will be stunning, the music beautiful, and the dancing exquisite. I really wish more ballets came to Cleveland.

On another happy note…..only 53 days until Disney!! I can’t believe how fast it is coming up. I’m ready for some Florida sun, hopefully it’s not freezing when we are there!! 🏰🎠🎢☀

Getting the Christmas tree tomorrow too. Yay!!!! 🎄🎅🎁

Happy Dancing!!


Australia where you at?!?!


I know I have had some viewers from the awesome country of Australia. So my awesome Aussies, I have a question for you!! I watched this show on Netflix called “Dance Academy” this past year. I’m addicted. Does anyone know if the new season has started yet?? I thought I had read online that they were doing another season. Could anyone out there help me?!?! And for everyone else, if you have Netflix, you should check out the show. It takes place in Australia, so all the kids on the show have that awesome Aussie accent. And yes, it’s about teenagers. I’m a sap for high school, teenage, drama. What can I say!?!? I’m also into Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make It or Break It, Bunheads, Pretty Little Liars, etc. I even like a couple of the shows from the Disney Channel. *gasp* Some of my faves are Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, Phineas and Ferb, and when it was around….Hannah Montana. Call me lame if you want. There’s just a part of me that loves these cheesy kid shows.