Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!

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I had my first class at my third studio for the summer this past Thursday. It was an Adult Beginner’s Ballet followed by a Pointe class. The ballet class had so many girls in it I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. This was also a first for this teacher…she had no idea this many girls would be interested in ballet!! The first class went pretty smooth. I was familiar with all the technique, it was just the arms and the combinations they were put in that sent my head spinning!! I’ve now learned 3 different port de bras!!! Keeping them all straight while trying to not neglect my footwork was very difficult!! The class was fun though!! It was nice seeing other girls dance!!! The pointe class however was a different story….  There were 4 other girls in the pointe class. I have only had about 4-5 private lessons with this teacher doing pointe. I’m still very shaky and do not feel strong enough to come off the barre. The only moves I can do off the barre right now are sous sous and échappé.  All the other girls in the class can easily come off the barre and do chaînés and soutenus across the floor. So for most of the class I hung in the corner near the mirrors and did my own thing. I practiced what I knew and just kept to myself. By the end of class I was really frustrated with myself. I was upset that I couldn’t do the things the other girls were doing. I felt so far behind and kept wondering how on earth I would ever catch up. After talking with my very best friend, who is also in the class, she helped me pick my confidence back up off the ground!! I may take a little longer to get to where they all are, but I know I will get there. I need to get over my fear of letting go of the barre and just trust myself (and my feet!!).

So what I’ve learned recently is that every one moves forward at their own pace. I need to trust myself and believe in myself or I will never improve. It’s so easy to over think everything you do while dancing, sometimes you just need to slow down and let your body dance! I’ve also learned that having a best friend that shares my passion and love for dance is such a blessing. Sure, we may butt heads or get frustrated with each other at times, but in the end we always have each other to lean on and learn from. I’m so very thankful for her and will always love her no matter what.  Being able to share this experience with her is one of the most amazing things ever. She is my ‘Ohana.

” ‘Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind….or forgotten.”   ~ Quote from Lilo and Stitch 🙂