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Man Pie Bake Off

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did!! Friday night I relaxed and did some blogging while the husband baked his cake. Saturday I did some grocery shopping and then the Man Pie Bake Off was in the evening. The event took place at Legal Ballerina’s and her whole family was there! This year’s theme was “Anything Chocolate” There were 5 entries in the contest this year. My husband came in 4th place. Not too bad since it was his first year (and first time baking ever)!! He made a Triple Layer Brownie Mousse Cake. Sadly, it didn’t turn out as good as the first time he made it. That night was a lot of fun. I went off my diet, as did my husband for the day. I consumed more chocolate than was necessary. Back on the diet again today though. I can’t believe how much better I feel when I’m on it. Anyways…

Today I spent the day cleaning, went to Old Navy and got some new things, and then made dinner for my inlaws and us. We hung out for a bit and then here I am!! Exciting week ahead for me and LB!! We are getting fitted for our Gaynor’s this Wednesday!! I’m so excited!! I really hope they work out for me.

Other than that it’s the same old routine with ballet. Second session is in full swing now. We will be starting our other recital dances in my other classes soon, so that will be exciting. Didn’t have class last Thursday since my teacher was sick. So I’m very excited to be back tomorrow.

Here are the entries from the Man Pie Bake Off!! Don’t they look just delicious!! (Trust me, they were!! 🙂 )