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Floatin’ (and falling) Down a River…

So this last weekend I had the lovely opportunity to go canoeing with my husband and friends. I can’t even tell you the last time I was ever in a canoe. It was probably when I was in Girl Scouts. Ya, it was that long ago. Now I love me some kayaking. Or a day of fishing out on a pontoon boat. But canoe?! Can’t say I’m a huge fan. There’s always something about them that just makes me nervous. Mostly the way you have to sit in them and row. I just never feel safe or secure. Anyways, back to the story….

So our group of 10 decided to go canoeing over Memorial Day Weekend. With the temps being in the mid 80’s all week, I was excited. I figured it would be a good way to kick off the summer. Well, then cold temps crept back in. Booooo. It only ended up being barely 60 degrees on Saturday with a decent strong wind here and there. Ok, I thought. I can still do this. I’ll just dress warm. No big deal. We all got our canoes and headed out. The place we went to was called Camp Hi Canoe Livery. They drove you down to the drop in place for your canoes and then you canoed the 7 miles back to your car. Or 13 miles if you’re feeling really adventurous. Our group did the 7 miles. All things were going good….I felt really uneasy immediately getting into the canoe, but figured I would adjust. Wrong. The only time I actually felt secure was when our group tied our canoes together using some of our life jackets. Stupid, I know. We tied our canoes together and just calmly floated along where it was wide and open. There was really no current, a small one if anything. After floating together for a bit we decided to untie and paddle some. That’s when the day went to crap. About 10 minutes after paddling is when it happened. I was in the front of the canoe and husband was in the back. We had just navigated around some other obstacles and I thought he was still paying attention and paddling. Butttttttt he wasn’t. Stupid beer. We were heading straight for a huge fallen tree in the river with big branches sticking out. By the time he realized what I was fussing about, I was slamming into the tree branches face first. I tried to push myself past them and duck as much as I could, but husband started to lean in a panic. Wronnnnnnng thing to do. In a split second we flipped and were dropped into the freezing cold water. Not only was it freezing cold, but it was deep. Neither one of us could stand. Luckily, our friends were right by us and helped us get out by the bank. They also rescued our backpack where my beloved phone was being stored!! One of the girls in our group had an extra pair of clothes with her and she let me use them. I was so cold it was ridiculous. Poor husband didn’t have any dry clothes to change in to.

This only affirmed my original feelings for canoes…..I’m not a fan. I only got a few scrapes on my hand and a nice sized bruise on my knee from our tipping over. It could have been worse! I don’t think I’ll be getting back in one for a loooooong time. I still had fun with my friends, and making a few new ones. Next year husband and I will be kayaking. Hah!

Here are some pictures from the canoe trip!