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I’m Only Half Crazy!!

Remember that time I decided to run my second half marathon only one week after running my first?!?! Ya…..that happened. Lol. I ran my second half marathon this past Sunday, October 13. I ran it with the one girl I ran my first one with. I kicked some serious butt too!!! Here’s a quick little race recap of the Northern Ohio Half Marathon!

This was also an inaugural race. They actually had a full marathon and 5k as well as the half marathon I ran in. The race took place up in Fairport Harbor, right along the shore of Lake Erie. While the course didn’t have any lake views, the parking area did! It was so cool to see the lake when it was still dark out. Kinda creepy! My morning started off waiting in line to use the indoor bathrooms by the park. There was about 15-20 women waiting to use them, but we still preferred that over using the port-a-potties. Well, as my luck would have, as we were almost to the front of the line, a rather size-able spider went running past us into the bathroom!! Naturally, all us girls were freaking out!! No one wanted to step on it. Bad karma for your running shoes!! It stopped right in front of the sinks. My friend and I were up to use the stalls, so we ran into the farthest two stalls out of the three in there and hoped this little sucker would stay put. Wrong! That thing ran through all three stalls!!! And of course ended up stopping in mine right by the toilet. Totally freaked us all out! Everyone screamed and luckily we ran outta there as quick as we could!!

The starting area was easy to find. They had an announcer out counting down the minutes until start time. We only had about 15 minutes to wait until start time, so we hung out near it with my friend’s husband and talked. My husband couldn’t make it, so I was on my own! Before we knew it, it was time to start. This race started off going downhill! How nice! The overall course was too bad. They did not do corrals or separate race starts for the marathon and half marathon, we all started together at the same time. They had the start for the 5k 30 minutes after ours. We eventually branched off from the full marathon. We had several rolling hills, but nothing too bad. I am proud to say I didn’t walk up any of them! I also never stopped running, except for the water stops. This was a first for me! It was so hot the previous week at the race and the hills were insane on that course that I ended up walking a lot. So I was very proud of myself this week. My pace stayed pretty even. I usually start out trying to stay around a 10 minute pace for the first 3 miles. I then drop back to a steady 11-11:45 pace for the rest of the race. I know I’m no speed demon here, I’m still just running to finish at this point. I kept chugging along and before I knew it I was at mile 10. Only 3 more to go!! Those last few miles are always the hardest for me. This time I started having sharp pain in my left foot when I would strike the ground. It didn’t happen every step, but it kept happening more and more as I went on. By the last mile, I was having a lot of pain, and almost felt like my leg would give out when that sharp pain hit, but luckily it never did. Even in the pain, I just kept running. All I could think of was, “What is wrong with me?!? I’m crazy!!” Hah! I secretly had a goal of trying to finish better than the previous week, but didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to expect. Towards the last 2-3 miles I realized I might make that happen! I finally turned the last corner and saw that beautiful finish line. I kept chugging along until about half way down. I took one last look at my watch and kicked it into overdrive. I took off running as fast as I could! I could hear and see spectators cheering for me as I ran. Such a great feeling!!! I not only beat my time of 2:37:12, I crushed it! I finished at 2:29:50!!!! Under 2.5 hours baby! I was so happy and so proud of myself. I couldn’t expect anything more.

I loved this race. The course was awesome. The spectators were so encouraging! I registered late, so I wasn’t able to get a finishers medal at the finish line, but will be able to pick one up within the next month. If you live in the northern Ohio area, I definitely recommend this race.

Overall Pros:
~ Awesome course
~ Nice assortment of post-race foods (bread, pizza, bananas, and cookies)
~ Very easy to register and navigate their website
~ Great volunteers and staff along the course
~ Beautiful finishers medal (I will post a pic when I get mine!)

Overall Cons:
~ Not enough port-a-potties along the course (I didn’t use them, but my friend needed to)
~ Didn’t really have any “swag bags” (Just my shirt and bib in the bag)
~ Would have liked a separate start from the marathoners

I only have one picture from the race that my friend’s husband took along the course. Bummer!


And the craziest part? I’m signing up for a third half marathon that happens in just a few weeks! Yay! After completing my two half marathons it qualifies me to be a member of the Half Fanatics group online!! It costs $35 to join, and then $10 a year in dues, so I think I’ll hold off for now. It’s still cool to know that I qualify now, because I remember seeing this group online before I started racing and thinking that’s crazy! I could never run a half marathon let alone several in a close time frame!

Well, never say never my friends! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 🙂