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Turns Out the Wazoo!!


Ok people. With the holiday break coming up, I have a lot to work on. Last Thursday in class me and LB and the other adult in our class were told we need to work more on our dance. I know my weaknesses right now are my turns. I need to work on them all. They include: chaînes, piqué turns, pirouettes, attitude turns, and inside turns. Ugh. I don’t know what my problem has been lately. I’ve really been struggling with my turns. Last night in class we worked on double pirouettes. I’m still not consistent with them. We usually land them back in fifth, but last night we were to land in an open fourth turned to the side. (Not sure of what that’s exactly called). I struggled with that. I was however able to hit a couple double pirouettes on my left side. Win. The one dance I have requires me to do chaînés on the left. I know I have to get this down. I have no choice. It’s not that I can’t do them, I can. They are just sloppy and not consistent yet. And just like anything else in ballet, they need to be perfect or I won’t be happy. We also worked on fouettés. I’m actually getting more confident about them. I’m still better at them coming after a pirouette, but last night we did them after piqués. I’m actually really starting to like working on fouettés. I used to be terrified and would become very discouraged at even the mention of doing them. Now I want to practice them as much as I can!! And then there’s these inside turns. Blah. I still can’t seem to get them. I know I’m not kicking my leg out as much as I should because I’m afraid I will fall. I just can’t give up. I know I can get them. It just takes time. My attitude turns on my right aren’t completely horrible. They definitely need work, but at least it’s a start. My left attitude turns are not so good. I struggle to get up and around. I know they will improve because they have to. They are also in our dance.

These turns can seem very overwhelming. And they are. I know how to do them all now, it’s just a matter of practicing them. Practicing them until I can’t anymore. Practice makes perfect! Right?! I’m also really trying to work on stretching every day. I’m hoping to be able to stretch and practice over the holiday break next week. I’m lucky to have some room in my house to turn, so I best take advantage of it. I don’t want my teacher to be disappointed in me. I want her to be proud of me. I know I’m not there yet. I’m still a work in a progress. Heck, I’ll always be a work in progress with ballet.

I hope everyone has had good ballet sessions up until now! I can’t believe this year is almost over. To look back and think about how far LB and I have come is just amazing. I’m so very proud of her. And I’m proud of myself. I’m glad I stuck with this and continue to push myself. LB and I are an unstoppable team now. Nothing will break us. I know I can achieve everything I want in ballet with her by my side. I hope you all reached the goals you wanted to in ballet this year. And if you didn’t, I hope they are ready for you to kick their butt next year!! It’s been so inspiring to read about all the other adult beginners out there. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it guys!!

Happy Holidays 🙂