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Where Has the Time Gone??

Well hello there friends! I don’t know about you, but this month has flown by! It started with my first half marathon on Oct 6, followed by my second half on Oct 13, followed by a lot of ballet. First off- my ballet teacher broke her wrist. Like bad. I got a phone call on Friday night, Oct 4 from her husband telling me the bad news. He said I would have to teach class alone on Saturday morning, with my few high school girls there of course to help! I was so nervous! Thankfully, the girls who help are totally awesome, so the classes went well. Whew! My teacher ended up needing surgery, so I was asked to step in and teach some of her other classes while she was out. Talk about being scared! I did not want to let her down, so I did as best as I could. I ended up teaching the Beginning Ballet 1/2, Beginning Ballet 3/4, and Ballet 1. One of the high school girls helped me teach the. Beg Ballet 1/2, but I was on my own for the others! It was a great experience, even though I felt bad for my teacher being hurt. I enjoyed the challenge and ended up doing really well. It helped show me areas of teaching I need to work on, and it also showed me that the girls in the studio respect me. Even little girls I had never met before were kind and open to me teaching them. By the end of the 3 weeks, I definitely got to know some of them a little better. Which always makes me feel good. My teacher has been working her way back into the studio. She was there last week to get some office work done while I taught, and then was back to teaching our classes. It was like she didn’t skip a beat- she was right back in there calling out combinations and working us hard! It is so nice to have her back. And I’m so glad she’s starting to feel better.

In other news, I have my last half marathon of this year coming up this Sunday! I’m a little nervous- I actually haven’t ran since my last half marathon on Oct 13. With all the ballet stuff my schedule was a little off- but everything will be ok. I’ve still been active with dance, so my legs are still primed and ready to go! I’m really excited for it. I just hope the weather cooperates!!

We also went camping this weekend. It was our annual Gory at the Quarry event. It’s a Halloween themed camping event which is always fun. Brrrrrrr! It was a little chilly, but nothin worse than the previous years. We all had a good time and the music wasn’t too bad. In case you’re interested, we go to Nelson Ledges Quarry Park for camping throughout the year. They put on some awesome festivals and the quarry is always nice for swimming! Enjoy a few pictures! πŸ™‚




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Gory at the Quarry

Well after 2 nights in the cold rain and 8 loads of laundry later, I’m back! Camping wasn’t all that bad this weekend. Friday night we actually stayed dry there. Saturday was rainy off and on all day, but it was tolerable. The dog had fun!! There were so many other dogs there this time!! It was nice to just kind of walk around the quarry and see all the pretty fall leaves. This is one of my favorite camping places. It hosts summer music festivals every year. It really is an amazing place!! They had some pretty awesome bands there this year for Gory. It was a long, cold, wet weekend but it was still fun!!! Back to the old routine tomorrow!! Here’s hoping class goes well tomorrow!!! Hope everyone stays warm and dry this week!!



Adult Ballerina Goes Camping!!

Ballet class last night was really fun!! We did the same adagio we did on Monday, except we added to it!! Our teacher loves this song and started chugging away at dance moves!! I think we are doing it as our recital dance. Squee!!!!! This makes me so happy!! I absolutely love what we are doing so far. It’s challenging but a manageable challenge. I can do all the moves, it’s just refining them and making them as pretty as I can. I hope she sticks with this one!! It’s leaps and bounds better than the recital dance I did last year at my old studio. Pointe class was ehhh. My shoes and my ankles are still fighting with each other. She had me switch my shoes back to the appropriate feet last night causing more pain. Sigh. My left foot is so much stronger than my right that its making it extremely difficult to build up strength in my right ankle. I’m also getting a ton of pressure on my big toes. It’s like my weight is resting all on my big toe rather than being spread out across the box of my shoe. I think I read somewhere that this may be because the width of my box is too big?? I dunno!! I’ve tried so many different combinations of padding for my toes. Nothing seems to work.

On a different note now….I’m going camping this weekend!! Normally I’m excited for this Halloween camping festival, I’m not this year. The weather is supposed to suck. Like 40 degrees and a lot of rain kind if suck. Blah. I’m actually scared about how cold I will be this weekend. Being cold is usually something I can tolerate, but add in constant rain? Forget it. I’m hoping my doggy does ok with the weather. We bring her entire wardrobe with us! Hah! She has the cutest costume this year. You’ll have to wait for pictures!!! I’m sure I will post one on Instagram/Twitter. I’m dressing up too!

Hopefully I survive this weekend. I obviously will not be stretching. I most likely will not be able to resist the urge to practice our routine though while walking through the woods!! Hope everyone stays warm and dry this weekend!! I know I won’t be 😫


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Home Sweet Home

Nothing beats that “Ahhhh, I’m finally home” feeling after being away. My husband, doggy, and my inlaws spent the weekend at a state park in one of the cottages. It was so much fun!! The park there is huge compared to the ones around us. We did so many fun activities!! On Friday we went into the small town and went grocery shopping, explored the park in the car, went geocaching (SO addicting and fun!!), and went swimming in the outdoor pool!! If you have time, explore the geocaching website. The concept is very neat and exploring for these hidden treasures is super fun and a great way to explore the land around you!! On Saturday we spent the entire day on a pontoon boat!! We fished and swam in the lake. I posted several pictures through my twitter account, so please check them out!! The doggy had a blast jumping off the boat into the lake!! Sunday was our last day there and we spent most of the day hiking and geocaching. We found 4 that day! We went off trail on one of them for the first time and let me tell you, that was kinda scary at first!! We were relying only on our gps on my iPhone to guide us through the woods!! I’ve never done that before!! In the end though it was worth being a little scared!!

This week starts my first session of ballet classes too!! I’m very excited and eager to learn!! I’m taking 6 hours of lessons in this first session, so we will see how that goes!! I’m very excited to start really stretching and getting my new pointe shoes!!

I also start back at my old job tomorrow!! I will be nannying for my very best friend again!! I get the joy of spending my entire day with a sweet little 3 year old boy and picking up his big sissy from school each afternoon and spending a coupe hours with her!! I seriously love this family and couldn’t be happier to be working for them again until I go back to school next year.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and enjoyed the good weather β˜€πŸ›πŸŒ»πŸŒΈπŸ˜ƒ


Live. Laugh. Love.

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately, I’ve been so incredibly busy!! Many things are going on here in my life!! We are in the midst of getting our yard fenced in and having some other minor housework completed, my Great Aunt has been very sick (she’s almost died a couple of times now), I’ve been busy doing the ballet thing 3 nights a week, and………I’m quitting my job! Things have been so crazy lately I don’t know where to start!

First off, my Great Aunt is actually doing much better. She’s alive, and right now that’s all that matters.Β  She’s been like a grandmother to me since I can remember. She was pretty sick these past two weeks. But against all the odds she is making a recovery.

Ballet has been super busy/crazy!! My ballet classes have been going great! I’m improving on my technique every week and getting the opportunity to learn different combinations and steps. My pointe class on the other hand…..has not been so good. I was having pain in my 3 smaller toes on each foot creating a needle-like sensation when up on pointe. I went to my local Capezio’s store and they were such great help!! I told them my problem and they worked with me for about 30 minutes trying different things. We came to the conclusion that when I point my toes, my smaller ones curl under, which can be common. I couldn’t keep them straight and supported in my shoes using the pads I currently had (Ouch Pouches). So, we ended up trying these FeatherLites gel toe pads. It was like heaven on earth!!!! Right away I could feel that all my toes were straight and I could stand up on my box without having that pain!!! Now I can actually move in my shoes and not feel so unstable and sore!! These are seriously the greatest things I have come across. We’ll see how they do in class this week!!

And last but not least, I am quitting my job as a dental hygienist. The office I work in is crazy and things there are never going to get better. I gave it a chance andΒ  now it’s time to move on!!Β  So for the next year, I will go back to being a nanny for my best friend and her family. I’m so excited!!! Now a little back story on me…..I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. My mom is a nurse and I grew up always wanting to work in a hospital. But what did I become? That’s right, a dental hygienist. I was so young when I made up my mind (and had the heavy persuasion of others at the time) to become a dental hygienist. I was almost accepted into a nursing program when I switched majors. And then again, about 1-2 years ago, I started to apply to go to nursing school, again. Well people, third time is a charm!! I will finally be applying to a nursing program in the hopes to really do what I’ve always wanted to do- be a nurse and help save people’s lives. It’s not that I didn’t like dental hygiene, it’s just that it was never rewarding or challenging enough for me. So I guess this means I will have to come up with a new title for my blog, huh?!

This past weekend I had the joy of going camping with my husband and doggy. The weather however was not so cooperative!! It rained and stormed most of the weekend. We were able to go kayaking once and hiking a couple of times. I also managed to fall and wipe out at our campsite and got a nice big ol’ bruise on my arm. It was a fun but busy weekend. I’m so sad summer is almost gone!!!
Just when I thought I had everything figured out….I decided to change my life!!! What I’ve learned so far in this experience is that life is too short to get caught up in the pesky things that make you unhappy. I wasn’t happy in my job so I decided to change that. I’m lucky that I don’t have any kids that this affects yet and that my husband was so supportive. Always do what your heart tells you to do, even if that means turning your life upside down. In the end, things will work out and you will be much happier. If you spend all your time dwelling on the “what- if’s”, all those opportunities will pass you up.

Live. Laugh. Love.