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Ballet Shoe Review (Part 2)

Whoa. Hello there. I didn’t realize it has been a month since I posted anything. Oops!! Well, I’m still here. Anyways….I reviewed ballet shoes before- the new, unreleased MDM canvas shoes. If you remember, I loved them so much more than their first model I also owned, but they still were not a good fit. So here is part two of my ballet shoe review…..I present to you the Bloch Neo Hybrid!!




These shoes are AMAZING!!! Like, for real. I tried them on at the dance store, and was like heck yes I want these!! The front of the shoe is made of a really soft leather. Then right around the arch it splits to a neoprene material that covers the heel. It is just amazing. The way it hugs my heels….holy cow. I love the way my feet look in them. The padding inside the shoe where the ball of your foot and heel sits is a little thin, but I haven’t had any pain. All the girls in my class complemented me on these shoes too. They were so intrigued by the neoprene on the heel!

I ended up getting a 7.5 “C” Width. They fit perfectly. I’ve been wearing them for about 2 months now and they are wearing really well. I’ve literally had no complaints about these shoes at all. So yay!

If you’re ever in the market for new ballet shoes, I definitely recommend checking these out. I have tapered feet, so I love the way they conform to my foot. They were pretty reasonably priced. I don’t think I payed more than $25. I did not see them online on any of the familiar websites, like Discount Dance and All About Dance, so you may only be able to find them at local dance stores.

Enjoy! 🙂


Curiosity Killed the Cat


You know the saying….curiosity killed the cat. Well, tomorrow I will be said cat. Even though my Gaynor’s have been treating me pretty darn well, I can’t help but be curious. I have the desire to try on pointe shoes again. I know I’m probably crazy for doing this, but I just have to. Since I was fitted for my first pointe shoes, I’ve learned a lot about my feet. Who would have known there were so many details in your feet?!? My current pointe shoes, my Gaynor Mindens, aren’t really giving me too many issues. The only problem I’ve been having is pain on both my big toes again. This has caused me to start stuffing lambs wool in both shoes. It wasn’t bad at first, but now it’s driving me crazy. I’m having a harder time feeling the floor now. And it just starts to bunch up once my feet start sweating. Sigh. I don’t get blisters or any bruised toe nails, so I know I shouldn’t be complaining. But since getting to know how my little (or quite large) feet respond to being on pointe in different shoes, shanks, widths, etc. I’m curious to try on some traditional shoes. Luckily my teacher and a few girls from class are going tomorrow, so I will go with them! This will be the second time I’ve tried on pointe shoes with my teacher there with me. I’m excited! I’m excited to see the other girls try on shoes too. It will be fun. Who knows if I will find anything I like. Probably not, but who knows! 🙂


Hello My Little Pretties!!!

Today was finally the day. I went to get fitted for new pointe shoes. My mom was also in town, so she came with me! I drove 40 minutes to this dance store that my previous dance store recommended since they didn’t have my size for my pointe shoes. I know, kinda weird. So I got there today and was paired up with a very sweet, pregnant woman. She was very knowledgable about fitting shoes and listened to the problems I have been having. She got up countless times to go back and forth fetching different sizes and styles. I really like her. She focused her complete attention on me and we were not interrupted once. I tried on 17 different pairs of pointe shoes. 17. It took 2.5 hours to get through all these. I tried on pretty much every Bloch shoe made, Grishko 2007s, Gaynor Mindens, and some other brand that I can’t remember the name of. The only shoe that fit well and didn’t cause any pain on my big toes was the Gaynors. It was like a match made in heaven. I even tried 4 different types on. I ended up getting a Size 11, Wide Box 4 in the Hard Shank with Deep Vamp and High Heel. I sewed my elastics on when I got home. The fitter at the store recommended I also sew in criss-cross elastics to help stabilize and control my feet, especially my left. Even with the hard shank, my left foot needs to be controlled. Crazy. My right foot just kind of goes along for the ride because of the problems with it. Once I put the criss-cross elastics in they fit perfectly. I could stand up en pointe all day in these shoes. I also got new toe pads. They are Gellows by Pillows for Pointes. They are like clouds and they are reversible. They made such a difference. I feel secure and strong in these shoes. I can roll through them beautifully and can hit my demi pointe great. I can turn with ease on the platform and can hit my passé on each foot great. I feel like these shoes were made for me. Let’s just hope that lasts!! I’m so excited to try these next week in the studio and show my teacher. I hope she likes them as much as I do. They make my feet look amazing. Squeeeee!!! I also got new ballet shoes. I opted to try the canvas type this time around. I got the same ones as LB, the Bloch Elastosplit. They feel cool, and can’t wait to try them out on Monday. My mom also bought me a new leotard as a Christmas gift. It’s so pretty! I will try to post a pic soon. The leotard that LB got me for my birthday finally came in too!! It’s a pretty halter type. I can’t wait to wear both of my new leotards!! So exciting!! Thanks LB and mom!!! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.