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Ballet Shoe Review (Part 2)


Whoa. Hello there. I didn’t realize it has been a month since I posted anything. Oops!! Well, I’m still here. Anyways….I reviewed ballet shoes before- the new, unreleased MDM canvas shoes. If you remember, I loved them so much more than their first model I also owned, but they still were not a good fit. So here is part two of my ballet shoe review…..I present to you the Bloch Neo Hybrid!!




These shoes are AMAZING!!! Like, for real. I tried them on at the dance store, and was like heck yes I want these!! The front of the shoe is made of a really soft leather. Then right around the arch it splits to a neoprene material that covers the heel. It is just amazing. The way it hugs my heels….holy cow. I love the way my feet look in them. The padding inside the shoe where the ball of your foot and heel sits is a little thin, but I haven’t had any pain. All the girls in my class complemented me on these shoes too. They were so intrigued by the neoprene on the heel!

I ended up getting a 7.5 “C” Width. They fit perfectly. I’ve been wearing them for about 2 months now and they are wearing really well. I’ve literally had no complaints about these shoes at all. So yay!

If you’re ever in the market for new ballet shoes, I definitely recommend checking these out. I have tapered feet, so I love the way they conform to my foot. They were pretty reasonably priced. I don’t think I payed more than $25. I did not see them online on any of the familiar websites, like Discount Dance and All About Dance, so you may only be able to find them at local dance stores.

Enjoy! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ballet Shoe Review (Part 2)

  1. This looks to be a cool collection of shoes. Is this available for all sizes and how comfortable is it while dancing sessions?? Would purchase and try one.

    • Hello! The Bloch Neo Hybrid comes in a wide range of sizes. Their website lists available sizes from 2-8.5, with four different widths to choose from (A,B,C,D). I don’t think this shoe is offered in children’s sizing, but it does go all the way down to a size 2, but I’m not sure which street shoe size that would be. I usually wear a 9.5-10 street shoe size, and they recommend ordering 3 sizes down for these shoes, which I felt good with a 7.5. Here’s the link from the Bloch website if you want more info!

  2. This looks interesting. I tried a standard Bloch canvas, and it was too short. I didn’t return it, and gave it to a friend instead. Next I tried a Sansha model that came in narrow. A bit baggy here and there but so much better than my leather flats. I have hope for tried these Boch Neo Hybrids as they come in A width! Thank you for the review!

  3. Ohhhh these look lovely! I would love to try them..!

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