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Ballet Shoe Review- Part 1


Well hello there!!! It’s been awhile since I reviewed any ballet products. A few months back I received an email from a gentleman named Tim Heathcote. If you’re wondering who he is, he’s the CEO of the company MDM. They are a ballet gear company based out of Australia. Last year, I bought a pair of their new ballet shoes to try out. You can read all about them here. I was not happy with them and did not give them a good review. Soooooo fast forward to a few months ago and this email. Mr. Heathcote had read my review and wanted to send me a new-not-yet-available ballet shoe. What?!? Me?!? I couldn’t believe he had found my blog and reached out to me. I was super excited to receive these shoes. I had really high hopes for them. After all, I really did like the concept of the arch support in the shoe. I just wasn’t really crazy about the canvas material. Unfortunately, he only had this sample shoe in canvas to send me, so I figured I would still give them a try. Here are the pretty shoes!! They even came in their own little fancy box and dust bag. Loved it!!




When I first put them on, I was in love. I loved how they fit and how they felt. The color of these shoes was much better than their first version. The arch seemed to really contour against my foot. I did a couple tendus at home and put them in my dance bag. I was excited to try them out in class. When we started doing tendus at the barre, I kept feeling my foot dragging, more so than it normally does. I also noticed in the mirror that it didn’t look like I was pointing my feet as well as it should. I was so disappointed!! I looked closer at the shoes on my foot and realized what the problem was. The shoe fit perfect everywhere, except right at the tips of my toes. There was extra fabric beyond my toes that was responsible for making my foot feel like it was dragging. It’s not too much fabric that I would need to go up a size, but just enough that it gets in the way. I think it’s because my foot is more tapered than the shoe is made for. If I had a wider foot with even toes it might fit better. I was so sad!! I really, really, liked these shoes and wanted them to work!! I think I’m just more of a leather shoe kind of girl. The canvas shoes just always feel so baggy on my feet. I never like how my feet look in them. I’m guessing if I got this newer shoe in their leather version, it would be perfect! I don’t think they are even for sale yet.

Here’s a few pictures of them:





See how when I point my foot the shoe gets all wrinkly??

Overall these are great shoes. I love the color, the fit around the arch and heel, the arch support, the elastics come pre-sewn, and I love the little bag they come in. I know if this shoe was made in the leather version, with drawstrings to tighten the shoe, they would be perfect for me. My tapered feet need those drawstrings!! Hah!! When this shoe becomes available for sale, I would recommend trying it out. I’ll have to update you if I see them online!

Stayed tuned for another ballet shoe review. I think I finally found a good pair for my feet!!
Until then, happy dancing everyone!!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Ballet Shoe Review- Part 1

  1. Maybe I should give these a shot when they come out! I bought a pair of MDM’s too and they fit too hyper snug, but like you said, I’m afraid the next size up would be too loose!

  2. Yes, my tries at canvas (two brands) have all resulted in the wrinkly point. Grrrrr. One of my canvas (Sansha) has a drawstring which helps. Looking forward to your next review!

  3. Hmmm they look pretty nice, but I see what you mean with wrinkly in the front.. I have the same problem with almost all of my ballet flats because I too have tapered toes..

  4. Know what you mean, when these come available in leather, I would buy them instantly! But canvas shoes as well! 🙂 -xxxx- madelon

  5. Dit is op madelonnetje herblogden reageerde:
    Nieuwe not-yet-availabe ballet schoenen van het Australische merk MDM. Hier een review van een bevriende blogster 🙂 -xx- Madelon

  6. These look so pretty and well made! I stopped using leather a long time ago so have been pretty happy with canvas! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like them though. I definitely want to check them out! What’s the sizing like?

  7. I actually own both the MDM in canvas and leather, I blogged about them a bit as well. I don’t know, I think it’s a great concept and a well made shoe but they just don’t preform very well. But I also have rather tapered toes and a narrow width so it could just be a matter of not suiting that foot type. When I initially bought the leather I got their normal width and it was too tight, but just wouldn’t have stretched enough to work out. The wide width I replaced them with, well it’s a bit too wide.

    If you’re looking for a canvas shoe that will work with narrow tapered toes try Capezio Cobra. I initially wanted nothing to do with Capezio shoes since I hate their tights and leotards, but I’m glad I took the chance. They run a bit narrow and really flatter a tapered foot. If nothing else they’re worth trying on if you haven’t already.

    • Thanks for giving me your feedback on this brand too! I thought I was just being crazy with how they fit, but it sounds like you and I have very similar feet. I just bought a pair of ballet shoes but I will definitely keep those Capezio ones in mind for next time!! Thanks!! 🙂

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