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I Think I’m in Love…Again.


Well guys. It’s happened….again. I think I’m in love with my new Grishko’s. One hour and I’m sold. Lol. I think this relationship is destined to be a rocky one though. As much as I’m loving how the shoes fit my feet, how they feel, how they support me, and how nice my feet look in them…rolling through demi pointe is nearly impossible. I learned this the hard way when trying to execute pirouettes in center on Monday. Even my teacher realized how difficult of a time I was having. I just kept trying though. That’s all I really can do. We work our feet pretty hard at the barre, so I know I’m going to break these in soon. After some research though, I’m learning that having a strong, more stiff demi pointe area on this shoe is what makes it such a good, reliable shoe. What this means for me?? A lot of foot strengthening is going to be happening! It feels so good to be working the shoe again. I love how my Gaynor’s felt too, just couldn’t get the fit right. Even with a hard shank I was wearing through them too quickly. And specially ordering them every time I need them is just too much.

So, needless to say, my first class with my new Grishkos was mostly a success. I’ve ordered some new toe pads that will hopefully help. I got the Pillows for Pointe Extra Long gellows. They have a longer padding area that covers the bunion and pinky toe area better. Yay!! I also ordered a new shirt. I couldn’t help it. Anddddd I also ordered this little stretching system thing to maybe help me stretch more?! We shall see.


The I-Flex Jr.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 🙂


11 thoughts on “I Think I’m in Love…Again.

  1. Ahhh! I have that shirt too and I LOVE it! It is sooo comfy! Let us know how you like the stretching system. I have been contemplating getting that too. Would love to hear your feedback on it. 🙂

  2. I want that stretchy thingy!!

  3. Oh I’m with you! I took my first full class in my grishkos. (Have only done barre to this point) I was soooooooo terrible getting through Demi!! And I had a very hard time rolling through. Need to work harder too I guess… But I figure for this being just the beginning I can’t expect a miracle right?

    And I want that stretchy thing too!!! Looks fun!

  4. My last pair were Grishkos, hated them with a passion whilst breaking them in but once they were… So much love, so much. And now I really miss them, my Blochs are just not quite cutting the mustard in the same way!

    • How long did your pair last you? I’m hoping to get some decent use out of them. I only wear them in class once a week for one hour.

      • I got a couple of months at one or two hours a week out of them (as a beginner though) then I stopped pointe work for a bit. I think there’s still a bit of life left in them!

  5. Stretcher looks really good. I love that shirt. Now two bloggers I read have it!

  6. I totally have that same shirt and I love it! Yay!!

  7. When you have some time, stop by my blog entitled “Award Time!” I’ve given you a reader award!

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