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Cat got new shoes!!


Well I’m happy to say that curiosity didn’t kill the cat!! This cat ended up buying a new pair of pointe shoes!!! So maybe that does mean the curiosity killed me?!? Hah!! The awesome owner of the store was my fitter, and man does she do a great job!! We tried on several pairs of Blochs, none of which I was completely happy with. We then tried on Grishko 2007’s. I was a little uneasy at first, but I ended up liking them. She agreed with me that my Gaynors just weren’t cutting it. I needed more of a tapered box and because my feet are so big Gaynor doesn’t make a box 3 in my size. So I was very sad to hear this. She also cringed at the fact that I was wearing a supple shank. She said those did not offer me any where near the correct support that my feet require. She told me I have very strong feet and need something that is going to support my arch. I completely agreed and gave the Grishko shoes a chance. The Grishko ProFlex was not even an option for me because of how the shank is already broken in. It’s not strong enough for me. The 2007 was a good fit. The shank is a Medium. I’m a little concerned at how stiff the shoe feels, but was assured I will easily be able to break it in. It was so weird having a traditional pointe shoe back on. My feet were definitely sore from not having a “normal” shoe. While I will sadly miss how comfortable the Gaynors are, I’m excited to really work my feet again. I hope I don’t tear them up too much. I actually like my feet lol! I thought about trying to special order a pair of Gaynors, but the lady who fitted me said they typically cannot accommodate my type of order. They just don’t have the molds for it. So who knows. All I know is I’m excited, yet nervous to try my new shoes. I have class tomorrow, so I’m very anxious!! My teacher really liked the way they looked on my feet, and so did the girls from my studio who were with me. I’m also going to try using a toe spacer, as recommended by my fitter and another fellow ballet blogger. It’s so nice to have this community of support when you have questions and problems like this! It’s nice knowing you’re not alone in this battle! So thank you!!

In other quick news….

I’m back and running!! Yay!! I successfully ran 7.3 miles this week with no calf pain or problems! I had just a little residual tightness that my neighbor massaged out for me. I’m so excited. It feels so good to be running again. I’m loving my Brooks running shoes. They are a perfect fit for me. I’ve started my training for my first half marathon too. Taking it slow and easy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did 🙂
Here’s a picture of my new pointe shoes!

Grishko 2007
Size 7 XXXXX
Medium Shank


7 thoughts on “Cat got new shoes!!

  1. Love the Grishkos!! Very happy that you had a good fit and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your next pointe class!! 😉

  2. Very pretty shoes, and may your class go really well!

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  4. I love my grishko 2007! They are so flattering and comfy. (My others are too but these lets be honest are my faves so far). cant wait to hear how you like dancing in them!!! Where did you get your shoes? I am always on the look out for fun new dance stores, (I frequent stage center in Akron since its by my work and I can go on my lunch, dancers pointe in stow because its on my way home, capezio, because its closer to my house, and cleveland theater and dance in chagrin falls because sometimes it’s the only place that has what I need)

    Glad to see curiosity didnt kill the cat 😉

    • I got mine at Stage Center in Akron!! Love that store! It’s only about 35 minutes from my house too. So not too bad!! 🙂

      • That’s where I got my grishkos!!!! They seriously are the greatest people ever there!!! They have very knowledgable staff members, and their sales get me in sooooo much trouble. 😉 it’s 6 minutes from work, so a lunch break of buying pretty things happens too often. It’s also 35 mins from home.

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