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Miko Fogarty


Miko Fogarty is a ballet student featured in the documentary “First Position” that came out a few years ago. She is an amazing dancer. Very, very talented and has her whole life ahead of her. I recently came across some newer videos of her performing at a competition in Moscow. This video in particular is my favorite. She performs “Esmeralda” and is simply flawless. If you like this video you should definitely check out her other ones from this competition. She is stunning in each one. I cannot wait to see where her career in dance will take her. Expect big things from this girl!!!!


5 thoughts on “Miko Fogarty

  1. I lover her control. Going from an attitude holding it and bringing thy leg back down ugh so powerful! I also love this competition because they had a live orchestra. Makes you feel like a real ballerina at that point.

  2. I like Miko’s technique and control – THAT is flawless. But the role of Esmeralda isn’t supposed to be about restraint. It’s about fire and passion while still maintaining an air of innocence. It’s supposed to be *girlish*. For that reason, I actually really dislike Miko’s interpretation. Something with a little more *flair* is more the style.

    See my favourite version of Esmeralda ever, by Natalia Osipova:

    • My understanding of the role of Esmeralda was seductive and powerful. While I think Miko lacks the life experience and can’t portray it properly seduction well. Her ballet technique and skill quash Natalia’s(did you see Natalia’s pirouette? Too powerful and she didn’t land facing diagonally.) Natalia was wobbly and unrefined, she lacked any effort to make it look seductive and it came off childish. Which is creepy. That’s just my point of view. Everyone has their favorite version of variation by a dancer.

  3. I loved this. Amazing control and strength! Music was great, too, of course. She looks so tiny on that stage!

  4. Gorgeous! And that tutu with the blue layers underneath?! Divine! Thanks so much for sharing!

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