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Curiosity Killed the Cat



You know the saying….curiosity killed the cat. Well, tomorrow I will be said cat. Even though my Gaynor’s have been treating me pretty darn well, I can’t help but be curious. I have the desire to try on pointe shoes again. I know I’m probably crazy for doing this, but I just have to. Since I was fitted for my first pointe shoes, I’ve learned a lot about my feet. Who would have known there were so many details in your feet?!? My current pointe shoes, my Gaynor Mindens, aren’t really giving me too many issues. The only problem I’ve been having is pain on both my big toes again. This has caused me to start stuffing lambs wool in both shoes. It wasn’t bad at first, but now it’s driving me crazy. I’m having a harder time feeling the floor now. And it just starts to bunch up once my feet start sweating. Sigh. I don’t get blisters or any bruised toe nails, so I know I shouldn’t be complaining. But since getting to know how my little (or quite large) feet respond to being on pointe in different shoes, shanks, widths, etc. I’m curious to try on some traditional shoes. Luckily my teacher and a few girls from class are going tomorrow, so I will go with them! This will be the second time I’ve tried on pointe shoes with my teacher there with me. I’m excited! I’m excited to see the other girls try on shoes too. It will be fun. Who knows if I will find anything I like. Probably not, but who knows! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Curiosity Killed the Cat

  1. I’m envious that you can say “I will be trying on pointe shoes”! I shudder to think about how to fit my feet, if that time comes……Have fun!

  2. I can’t wait to hear how it goes! I can not wait until I can go en pointe!

  3. my pairs are grisko 2007, bloch alpha, and bloch suprima… (last 2 are the clearance ones i got for $25!) all 3 are different, and my teacher said all 3 will teach me something different … she only suggested 2 different kinds but… sale? the alphas she said will force me to pull up, since i wont have the full shank / 3/4 shank to support me, the suprimas will force my balance and placement with such a tiny platform, and she just loves everything about my griskos 🙂 but said they are a good mix of the other two, and will mix nicely as i rotate the shoes out. i start next month officially, and im excited to see how this all plays out 🙂

    so curiosity might not be a bad thing, it might be a shoe to teach you something new! good luck with your shoe shopping!!!!

  4. Do you wear toe spacers? I wear toe spacers between my big and 2nd toe and it helps distribute the weight a little more. grishkos are popular but I have a hard time with russian paste. They’re so hard. I’m really liking my bloch axis now with the gaynor minden fit kit pieces. A little lambs wool and nexcare tape for my toes and I love them more than my gaynors! I can get over my box now while my gaynors held me back 😦

    • I haven’t really tried the toe spacers. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep them in place? Do you tape them? Or just stick them in-between the toes? Every time I’ve tried to put them in, they just get loose and move around. Am I missing something?! Lol

      • I use the bun heads scilicone ones. They’re large and they get squeezed pretty hard when I dance. so I don’t need to tape them in place. I noticed though my feet get really sweaty during the summer so I used a paper towel folded over my toes in my box to soak up moisture to reduce anything sliding around from toes to tape. I got a mean blister from one of the days PDD because my tape slipped off from sweat- ewwww… lol
        Other toe spacers kind of just hang out and I think the mechanics is that when your foot is compressed in your shoe they’re then firmly held in place. If they’re falling out it may be that your shoe is too big or the spacers are not the right size/fit for your toes.

      • Thanks for your advice! I will definitely keep this in mind when trying on shoes tomorrow! Thanks 🙂

  5. Oehhhh have fun!! I was so happy when I finally got out of that horrific first pair of pointe shoes I got… Man! My Blochs are much better!! It never hurts to try some more shoes/brands because you will discover what you like in time, just like you said! Have fun!

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