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I’m Back!!


Well, hello there!! Sorry I’ve been quiet for a bit here. I’ve been oddly, crazy busy lately even though I don’t really remember what’s been going on!! Lol!! Not too much has been happening in the ballet world. We didn’t have class 2 weeks ago, but we had class last Monday, and oh boy was it a tough one!! My calves hurt and it was painful to walk until Friday. Four days of pain. Ouchie!!! But it was a good pain none the less. I absolutely love working on technique. It’s so difficult physically and mentally. I leave each week exhausted. We do 2 hours of ballet and then go straight into pointe for an hour. It’s a killer! I’ve been doing pretty well at the barre, at least I think so lol! We do some center combinations that’s usually involve some pirouettes. I’m happy to say that I actually was able to hit my double pirouettes on both sides! They weren’t perfect by any means, but I got around each time twice! Yay! I was very proud of myself. We then usually do turns across the floor which consist of chaînés, piqués, and soutenus(spelling?!). I’m pretty stable on my right side, but my left side is still really shaky. Just have to keep going!!

And then there’s the running. Oh, the running. The good news? I’m finally able to start running again. The bad news? I have to basically start at zero. Like one mile at a time. But I’m surprisingly ok with this. I’m at peace with it. It’s hard to take it slow, but it’s for the best. I’m going to slowly increase my mileage instead of jumping up in mileage. That’s how I got injured, and I definitely don’t want to get injured again. Speaking of my injury….it wasn’t all that bad. I had a huge knot in my calf. Like huge. And really deep. Thankfully my neighbor is a physical therapist and was able to do the active release massages on it. Man was that painful!! But a good painful. I was able to do 2 one mile runs this past weekend with no pain. I’m so excited! I’m now starting my training for the half marathon in October. I’m hoping things go ok! My husband and I also signed up to do a 2 mile fun run at a local bar towards the end of July. So excited! It’s our first race together too.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July here in the states! Summer is definitely in full swing! 🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m Back!!

  1. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your calf? I did something wonky to my right one on the treadmill. Glad your back to running AND blogging!

    • Ya, I just had a really huge knot in my muscle that went really deep. I just had to do some specific stretches and have my physical therapist neighbor extraordinaire massage it out for me! Deep tissue massage baby! It was weird too, because to touch my calf and stuff it never hurt or was painful, but as soon as he dug in deep there holy cow batman!! Thanks for your support hun! Hope your leg is ok!! 🙂

  2. Great entry. The running sounds good, too. Glad you can do it again. Yay on doubles….

    • Thanks!! Pirouettes are always my nemesis!!! Some weeks I’m amazing, other weeks like I’ve never done one in my life lol!!

      • Haven’t done even one yet, though I admit to trying to turn on my kitchen floor. I seriously can’t remember if we did any pirouettes when I was 25 – must be the memory and age thing. I think we did, because when I tried on my kitchen floor, I came out in this extended fourth position thing… lol

  3. Ooooooh doubles! Good to hear from you!

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