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Back to the Barre


This past week flew by. After my dance recital our studio had the following week off before starting again for summer session. It was nice to have the week off, but I’m ready to be back at the barre!! We’ve been working on our recital dances since like November, so it’s going to be weird at first not to be doing them now! It’s going to be nice to get back to working on technique. I’ve certainly missed it! Our summer session runs through August, giving us another week off before the fall session starts I believe.

I still can’t believe our show is over with!! It was so much fun!!

I’m hoping to work on my turns a lot during the summer. I want to practice fouettés too. As for pointe, I just want to keep improving in everything. My strength, my turns, etc.

I’m still having problems with my left calf. That’s a whole different story though. I have a doctors appointment scheduled for next week, so I’m hoping to get some answers. I still can’t run without pain. Very frustrating and disappointing. We shall see though.

Do any of you have ballet during summer?? If you don’t, what are your plans for the summer then?

Anyone taking any ballet intensives?

Hope you all are enjoying the sun 🙂


3 thoughts on “Back to the Barre

  1. Our school has two intensive weeks at the beginning of summer, and two at the end, with a six-week regular session in-between (recreational students have the option of open classes during intensive weeks. Our regular session started today. Classes aren’t nearly as crowded because a lot of our company members are all over the country at intensives.

    I’m taking the last week of our intensive in August, shattering the age record.

  2. My studio only has summer intensives on everything under the sun except ballet. There is a dance 101 type class for ballet, jazz and contemporary I think. Not my style.

  3. Our studio is closed for a couple weeks post-recital, then open again during summer. Because a friend and I are doing private lessons, our instructor will give us one class June 26th while the studio is closed. Grateful. Then we will begin our every other week lessons, when it reopens.

    Love reading your and loveballet89’s entries as to what you are working on. Wow. You guys go.

    Hope you get that left calf sorted! Too bad on the pain. Has got to be concerning and annoying. Glad you are getting it checked out.

    (Apologies for any typos. Apparently I’ve had several today. Knackered from my horsback ride today…can’t type)

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