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Recital Week is Here!


Well it is finally here!! Recital week is upon us! With these last few days left, I will be practicing as much as I can. We have our normal class tonight and Thursday. Then our rehearsal is Saturday with the show on Sunday. I’m still really nervous. I’m nervous for my turns in our ballet 2 number. I’m confident about my level 1/2 dance. And I think I’m mostly ok with the pointe number. I originally was terrified of it, but I’m actually doing pretty well with it. We shall see what happens! I hope my family likes the show. Compared to the dance I did last year, these are much more advanced! So hopefully everyone will enjoy the show and like what I do.

I will eventually be getting a video of our recital, but I’m not sure if I will be posting any of it. I will have to talk to my teacher and see how she feels about it.

I can’t believe this dance year is coming to a close. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. I’ve been frustrated with my dancing a lot this past year, but I have to keep it all in perspective. I’ve come a long way and my teacher is proud of me. I may not be perfect at all of my turns yet, but I’m getting there. Even just in pointe, I’ve come a long way. I’m amazed at what I’ve learned to do. And I feel confident in it. Which is nice. I’ve become closer to the girls in class, along with my teacher, which has all been so great! I really enjoy dancing where I’m at and I’m thankful for the opportunities my teacher has given me.

So here’s hoping that this week goes well. I’m hoping to have a good last 2 classes. We will be having class in the summer too, so I’m excited. I’m also excited to be able to get out there and run! I’ve missed it!! Good luck to all of my other fellow bloggers who have dance shows coming up too! I’m sure everyone will do great ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “Recital Week is Here!

  1. Merde! to you and LB. I know you’ll both do great. Enjoy the moment!

  2. You have a good perspective.

    You and LB enjoy your performances! Merde!

  3. Merde, merde, merde! I’ll be thinking of you. You’ll be great!

  4. Enjoy your recital! You’ll be great! Merde!

  5. My show is this weekend too! Good luck for your performance:)

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