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Status of 30 Day Challenge

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So now that April is over, I guess it’s time to evaluate how my 30 day challenge went for April. Well, I can tell you now, it did not go as planned. Getting slightly injured towards the end of the month kept me from working on things. To refresh your memory here were my goals to improve upon:
1. Stretch more, or daily if possible.
2. Clean double pirouettes (at least on my right for now).
3. Improve my attitude turns.

I started off with frequent stretching on my awesome new super cushy mat. Then I started to not stretch so much. Sooooo it looks like this one will be on the schedule again for May. I know, I’m a slacker.

My double pirouettes are still not as clean as they need to be. I’m getting around, but I’m coming down off of relevé still. With only a few weeks left until the show, I need to get these.

My attitude turns have improved! I don’t know how or why, but they are looking better. They could still use work as everything always does, but I’m pleased with my improvement.

Now, injuring my left calf has definitely set me back. I have not been able to dance for 1.5 weeks now. But the good news is, my calf is feeling better and I just have some residual tightness behind my knee. Nothing a little warming up and slow stretching can’t fix! I was told dancing and stretching may still be a little uncomfortable, but as long as any discomfort isn’t peaking or becoming worse, I should be ok. Yay!! The other good news? I was able to run! Just a little, but I was still able to. I didn’t have any pain or discomfort running, so that is good! I’m hoping by this weekend to be able to resume my running schedule. I’m also planning on dancing this Thursday! I’m very excited.

Hope everyone had a fun Cinco de Mayo!! 🍹🍹🍹



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