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Who Doesn’t Bleed When They’re Stuck With a Needle?!


Me! That’s who!! I went to have blood drawn this morning to see why I’m bruising like I am. The phlebotomist tried my left arm first. She stuck the little butterfly needle in, and I saw a little blood go into the tube. I then felt her moving the needle around under my skin. I was not bleeding!! Who the heck doesn’t bleed when a freakin needle is in their arm?!? So needless to say, she had to give up on that arm and move on to my right arm. At this point I was starting to feel really lightheaded and nauseous. Awesome. Luckily she was able to hit my vein right away and get the blood she needed because I was not feeling good. I needed to lay down for a few minutes because I felt like I was going to pass out. No bueno.

I had the same problem last time I tried to get blood drawn. She couldn’t get my left vein to bleed, dug around under my skin, and then ended up in my right arm. I got woozy that time too. So from now on, my left arm is a no go for getting blood drawn. I’ve learned my lesson!!

Hopefully I will hear back from my doctor later on today. She wasn’t very nice so I don’t think I want to keep her as my primary care doctor. I’m really bummed that I’m not able to run in this beautiful weather we have today. Or dance this week either. Super bummed. Hopefully my leg feels better soon!


5 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Bleed When They’re Stuck With a Needle?!

  1. Erm, don’t really feel like I ought to “like” this post. Hope you are able to get some answers. It sounds like a *really* important thing to get to the bottom of. Eeek, on the left arm blood draw attempt…… 😦 Hang in there and hope your leg feels better quickly.

  2. Put me in the group that hopes you get answers soon. And I hope you feel better soon. I’m miserable when I have to skip dance.

  3. They have a hard time finding good veins for me as well to extract blood from.

  4. EEEK. I hate having blood drawn. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your answers soon! I know how painful it is waiting for results!

  5. Hope you are not toooo bummed out for not dancing or running! And yes I do hope you will have some answers soon..!

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