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Bruises from Running??


Ugh. This is how I feel right now. Just ugh. I’ve been having problems with my left calf now for a couple of weeks. Last Sunday, not in yesterday, but as over a week ago, I attempted to go running. I was scheduled to run 5 miles. I ran them, but was in pain the entire time and had to keep stopping. It felt like I strained it maybe? Or it’s just being overused? Then I woke up the next day with this:



Yes that’s a huge bruise. Except I didn’t hit it off anything. I simply ran. I’ve had this happen before on my thighs/hips from just stretching for dance, too. It appears more like broken blood vessels. Not good. I’ve had this bruise on my calf now for over a week. I tried to run again on Saturday, another 5 miles, and had the same pain/problems. After attempting to run, I’ve been having strange sensations in my left leg. Almost like a cold sensation starting from around the bruised area going down into my foot. Weird. My leg isn’t a different color either. I’ve been wearing a compression sock on it today, and when I take it off that cold feeling comes back. As long as it’s in the sock, it feels better. Who knows. I’ve decided to go see a doctor tonight though. I’m hoping nothing serious is wrong. I think I’m mildly anemic, so maybe it has something to do with this? I’m also resting this week from everything…running and dancing. It sucks, but I have to give my calf a chance to heal. I’m just hoping that this bruising problem isn’t what’s causing the discomfort I’ve been having when trying to run. I’ll keep you posted!

On a positive note….my new pointe shoes are working out perfectly! I’ve actually decided to only wear my hard shank on my left foot and keep the broken in supple shank on my right foot. It’s working…but my right foot needs a little more support still. So after I figure out my calf problem, I’m going to try the hard shank shoe on my right foot. Our recital dance is coming along beautifully. We even get the opportunity to add some of our own choreography with a partner for a couple of counts in the dance! So exciting and fun! I have some good ideas for my partner and I’s part, I’m hoping we can use them!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I think the weather has finally broken here in Cleveland. No more crappy cold weather! Bring on Spring!! πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒ·β˜€β˜”β›…

5 thoughts on “Bruises from Running??

  1. I hope everything is okay–I know how much it sucks to have to sit out from running and ballet!

  2. OUCH! That looks really painful. I hope it heals up for you quickly so you can get back to dancing and running.

  3. Looks alarming — as well as painful. On another note, I am a sucker for following adult ballet blogs…..vicarious living! Will look forward to reading here. Hope you find out what happened…… Thank you for following my blog!

  4. Wowww…. that doesn’t look very nice!! Hope it will heal up fast but in the meantime: awesome to hear that your pointes are working! πŸ˜‰

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