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New 30 Day Challenge

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Soooooo I guess it would benefit me to jump on board with a new 30 day challenge. My other fellow adult ballerinas have decided to do it, so I guess I should too. Now, my first 30 day challenge didn’t go so good. I wanted to work on my splits and begin stretching everyday, and well that never happened. I’m not surprised. Hah! I was trying to think of practical things I know I could do. With all of my ballet classes prepping for our recital, we have not been spending much time on technique or anything. So I think I’m going to try for a few things this month. First up….stretching. Yes, I know I said I tried this before and it didn’t work. This just means I have to try again. Second….my pirouettes. I want clean doubles. Third….my attitude turns. They need to look better. I will aim to improve on all three things this month. With all of them being in my recital dances, there is no option. My teacher says I look good in my dances, but she knows I can give her more. So more it will be. I want to look good on stage and make not only her proud, but myself. So I will be working on these three things as much as I can in class in-between rehearsing. And I will just have to start practicing at home. Time to roll out the good ol’ ballet floor! My studio is closed this week for spring break, so instead of ballet classes, I will just have to practice at home. I might attend some work out classes there this week instead too. Can’t hurt to be more in shape. I have to say since I’ve started running my stamina has greatly improved in class. I can now push through my dances and not feel as fatigued or out of breath every time. Yay! I’m doing really good with my running too. Ran 5.4 miles in our local park yesterday, whoop whoop! I signed up for a 5 mile run this upcoming Sunday….yikes! Super nervous. I’m sure everything will be ok. Hopefully!

In other news….I think I broke my shanks on my Gaynor Mindens?? I know, I know….before you all say its impossible to break their shanks, please look at the following picture….


These are the Supple shanks, but I don’t think this is supposed to happen? I can completely bend them in half and they make a weird cracking/ plastic rubbing together sound. It’s really weird. And where its bending in half is weird? I’m still dancing in them, but I’m starting to get big toe pressure/pain now when I’m dancing. My hard shanks I had were comfy to me and I was always able to roll through demi-pointe in them from the beginning….so I don’t know what to do? Has anyone else who has danced in Gaynor’s had this happen to their shoes? I feel like I can dance in any shank type in these shoes, so how do I figure out which ones are the best for me? Any suggestions out there??

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