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Well folks, I did it!! I ran in my first 5k race. I wasn’t breaking any records or anything, but I finished! This race was held in one of our local parks known as the Holden Arboretum. I’ve been there once before for a charity dog walk for our local shelter. It’s a really pretty area with trails and lots of different trees. It was hosted by HMA events, which is one of the larger groups that plans races in Northeast Ohio. So here it is…my recap of the night leading up to the race and race day itself!

So we start the weekend off by my mom coming into town to visit for the weekend. She was attending a quilting expo in town. Saturday we spent the day shopping and what not. Then when we got home my husband and I decided to keep working on our spare bedroom project. This entailed ripping the carpet out along with the million staples in the hard wood floor under it. You can only guess who was assigned that wonderful job…..ME! So I spent the rest of the evening ripping out carpet staples with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Fun stuff. It helped keep me occupied because I was getting really nervous. The weather was looking really cold for the next morning and I was doubting my ability to run. My mom and husband, and my BFF, all helped calm my nerves and told me it would be ok. I went to bed kinda late….around midnight and we had to be up at 6 am to get ready. Ugh. Morning came and I was soooooo nervous. It was absolutely freezing out. Like in the teens freezing. The coldest I’ve ever run was like 25 degrees. I was scared. As we got to the Arboretum, I immediately saw mile marker signs. It was an out and back course using the main entrance roadway as our path. Now when they said slightly hilly in the course description, they weren’t kidding!! This made me even more nervous. I hadn’t really trained running on hills. Yikes. I originally had wanted to aim for a time of under 30 minutes, but as soon as a I saw the inclines, I knew that wouldn’t happen. Race time was set for 8:30 am and we arrived around 7:30. Quickly other runners started arriving too and signing in. I got my bib and then hung out with my mom and husband inside the building. As the starting time approached, we made our way outside. It was so cold. Like barely 20 degrees. Before I had any time to think, it was time to line up. I said see ya later to my mom and husband and got in line. Ahhhhhhh!!! I had my headphones in and ready to go, had my Nike app running, and waited to hear them say go! Within seconds we were off! All I could think was holy crap! Start your app and get running girl!!! I started off good, had a little trouble with the cold air and breathing, but was able to keep going. By the 1 mile marker I was feeling good when we hit the first hill. Gulp. My thighs started burning immediately. What was I thinking?!? This is crazy. But I kept chugging along as best I could. I only had to stop and walk for about 20 seconds. I wasn’t happy about that, but I needed to do it. Then we hit the end of the road and made the turn to return back. Then I hit the 2 mile marker. I was feeling really good now. Then we went downhill which was great. After the hill though I realized in front of me we went back up a slight hill! Crap! I was so nervous and overwhelmed when we took off I didn’t realize we started on a decline. When I hit that last incline I felt exhausted. My thighs were burning! Once I made it around the bend though, I saw my mom and husband standing up ahead waiting to cheer me on to the finish. It was just the boost I needed. I heard someone running right behind me and I was not going to let them pass me up this close to the end! I kicked into overdrive and just sped up through the last quarter mile. I left that other runner in the dust!! When I hit the finish line I couldn’t even believe I did it! I was so excited and caught up in the action I actually forgot to stop my Nike running app until after a few seconds past the finish line. Rats!!! I waited for my mom and husband to walk down and meet me. They were so happy and proud of me! We went inside where I grabbed a bagel, Nutrigrain bar, and Powerade. Whew! I did it. I actually ran my first 5k. Bam.

My mom had to get going back home, so we said our goodbyes and then she was off! Husband and I decided to go out for breakfast to celebrate. Super yummy. Once home, I completely crashed and napped for like 2 hours. Hah! Since my running app wasn’t stopped accurately, I’m not entirely sure of my time yet. I know, ridiculous. I can’t remember what the clock said when I passed it either. So I’m anxiously awaiting them to post the race results to see what my time was. My app clocked me in somewhere around 31:45?? We shall see.

My this were pretty sore afterwards, so ballet class Monday night was interesting. I made it through it though. And then I actually ran last night again! And I ran my farthest yet…. 3.63 miles in 38:42.i didn’t stop to walk once. Super bam. As for today? I just signed up to run a 5 mile race in 2 weeks. I’m crazy. But I know I can do it. This race is part of a trilogy. They have a half marathon and 5 mile race in April, a 10 mile race in June, and a marathon, half marathon, and 5k in October. I’m hoping to do all 3 races. Obviously I would need to do the 5k in October, but that’s ok. I’m so excited.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 🙂

This is me SUPER nervous before the race.

Taking off!

Almost to the finish

SO happy once finished! My first 5k in the books baby!!


7 thoughts on “5k….DONE!!

  1. Congrats! Super excited for my 5k and super nervous for my *gulp* 10 miler in May. Luckily, we only need to make a 15 min/mi pace, I just wish I had been able to train more.

  2. congrats and good job!!! the arboretum is really a nice area, ive only been there once, and it was summer… good luck on your future races!!!

  3. I’m thinking of doing a DL run one of these days. I’m not a big fan of running though. Congrats!

  4. First 5k run without stopping?! AWESOME!!

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