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What Do You Live For?

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I came across probably one of the most heart touching stories I’ve ever read. There is a man named Iram Leon from Texas. He was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer at the age of 30. He’s 32 now. He has a 4 year old daughter, too. Because of the type of cancer, he is prone to seizures. He cannot drive, work, or play any contact sports. But he can run. The story I read told of how this man lives and loves to run while pushing his daughter in a stroller. He’s run several 10k and half marathons with her and was looking forward to running his first full marathon. The Gusher Marathon in Texas was what he had hopes for. When he tried to register several times they denied him because most races do not permit strollers in the course. Finally, they allowed him to enter the race with his daughter in the stroller. Not only did this man run this race while pushing a stroller, he won!! He finished first overall with a time of 3:07:35. Completely and utterly incredible. This story brought tears to my eyes. Here is this man, who has such a grim diagnosis (doctors don’t expect him to live past 40), not only running in a marathon, but totally kicking everyone else’s butt while doing it. He says in the one article that he does not want to be on his death bed wishing he had spent more time with his daughter. He says running allows him to spend time with her, and she loves it. If this amazing man can run a full marathon, I can certainly run this 5k no matter how crappy the weather is or how I’m feeling about myself. I, and you, can do anything we put our minds to. Seeing people like Iram Leon make me want to keep pushing myself to discover and do as many things as I can in this lifetime. This man lives for his daughter. And I think that is amazing.

Here are the two links to his story. Please read, enjoy, and pass along if you want 🙂

The Gusher Marathon Story

The Post Game Story


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