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Learn to Walk Before You Run


Ok people. While I don’t actually have a bucket list written down, although probably should, I do have things I would like to do someday. Doing ballet again was one of them and I’m so glad that I did it. Another one is visiting every Disney theme park. While highly unlikely that it will ever happen, I still can dream about it, right?! I’ve always been interested in running, and am finally attempting it. I’ve signed up for two 5ks already and am hoping to do a few more this summer too. There’s even a half marathon I have my eye on that takes place in October. I feel like if I put forth effort with this I can do it. Like true effort. Like I’m running outside in the winter effort. I never thought I would want to run enough to actually want to run outside in the cold and snow. But I did. And I felt great every time I did it. Like I accomplished something. So you’re probably thinking where am I going with all this. The bucket list thing….

I want to run in a runDisney event. Like so bad. I’ve always thought about it but never thought I could ever actually do it. For the past 2 years now I’ve read about other people doing it. From blogs to twitter, I’ve seen other people participate. I’ve even teared up reading people’s blogs and tweets. People I don’t even know. It’s because for people like me who truly love all things Disney, being able to run through the parks must be pretty magical. At least that’s how I feel. Now that I’m beginning to run I can’t help but think about this all the time. I want more than anything to be able to run in Disney. My husband “gets it” but just frowns upon how much it would cost to “just run” in Disney when I can run in races here at home. I do agree with him that being able to run in Disney costs money. So that’s why my dear friends it is on my bucket list. While I am enjoying the world of running, I don’t think I will be one of those people that are super runners. I mean heck, my ultimate running goal at this point would be to run, and finish, a half marathon. If I were to ever run in Disney, it would most likely be a once in a lifetime type thing. If I lived closer, maybe I could see myself doing it more. But with airfare and whatnot, going down there just to run becomes quite costly. My BFF, Legal Ballerina was/is an awesome runner. She’s ran various races and even completed a marathon. That’s pretty huge to someone like me who hasn’t even run in a 5k yet. I tried running with her two summers ago,before we really got into ballet. I couldn’t keep up. It was very overwhelming, and to be honest I was really intimated. While I have my “main bucket list”, I also have side-addendum type bucket lists, if that makes any sense. For example: I want to run a half marathon. The side addendum to that would be, I’d love to run a half marathon with my BFF. It doesn’t have to happen, but if it did it would be awesome type bucket list. I would love to be able to run in Disney with my BFF, like I’ve read and seen so many other people do. Hearing them explain how magical and amazing it was to experience it with their sister, best friend, mother, husband, etc. just sounds so awesome. I mean, who wouldn’t want to accomplish something like that? Even though she doesn’t love Disney as much as I do, I still think it would be amazing. I mean, I absolutely love being able to experience learning ballet with her. So I can only guess that running in a race with her would feel the same way.

But then I get back to reality. One thing at a time disneyballerina. Lets get through our first 5k, then our second, and so forth. Husband told me that he supports me in this, like he does with everything. But between my love for my ballet, my new interest in running, wanting to start a family at some point, etc. I just have to take one thing at a time. He told me if I run in some races here at home this year and really enjoy it, then he would really consider letting me run in Disney. And right now, that’s good enough for me.

You’ve got to learn to walk before you can learn to run šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Learn to Walk Before You Run

  1. Aww. That was very sweet. I would love to run with you too! It’s hard to wrap my head around training for a half marathon anytime soon though, especially in light of all this damn ballet!!! I will strongly consider it though. I would live to finally have a running partner again!!

  2. I would love to run in a Disney event, although it’s not really possible on a college student’s budget. I plan on starting to run more once I can! Do you like your Nike+?

    • I love my Nike+ app!! It accurately tracks my runs from speed, average pace, to a GPs map showing my routes! I find it really simple to use. And I love that you can add friends so you can inspire each other to keep running! Definitely worth the like $2 I spent on it.

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