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Long Time No See!!!

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Well hello my fellow ballerinas!! Sorry for the silence over here!! I’m still trying to get out of my post-Disney funk. I’m sure some of you get this!! Oh how I miss that warm sunshine!! I’ve been so busy since we’ve returned from vacation. Between sorting my pin collection out (man, did I do good!!), organizing my Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards (yes, I found another thing to obsess over), keeping up with ballet classes (we are hard at work!!), and awaiting my good friend’s little baby girl to arrive…..things have been busy!!!! So let’s break this down….

1. My super awesome pin collection.
Thanks to my husband and my mom (they got me a crazy amount of pins to trade while in the parks), I was a trading ninja!! I’ve never traded this many pins before. I was able to complete or near complete so many collections. I was so excited. I even upgraded my pin storage binder! I decided to just get one of the nice Disney ones in the park with some of our reward points. It only ended up costing about $40! So not bad. And one of the most awesome things to come from this was that I got to share this experience with my inlaws, mainly my father-in-law. He was very helpful and excited to help me search for pins. As a serious guitar collector, he understood my “need to find this exact pin”. Sharing my hobby with him was very fun. He even wore a pin lanyard with his own special guitar mickey pin on it that my mom gave him for Christmas.

2. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card collection.
Disney, why oh why must you keep coming up with things I feel the need to collect?!?!? Let me explain what this SotMK thing is all about. Actually, I will post a separate blog post about this. Lol.

3. Ballet classes.
Wowzer. That pretty much sums it up! Hah! While gone at Disney I missed 4 classes. I would have missed 2 more, but our teacher was out sick the first week I was gone. They added more choreography to our recital dances which I had to catch up on. I’m pretty quick with picking up new choreo so I wasn’t too nervous. Our Ballet 1/2 dance is coming along nicely. I’m not overly stressed with this dance, I feel comfortable. Our Ballet 2 dance has its intense moments where I have to just push through it. There’s a few turn combos that are still giving me a tough time. Luckily we had a make up class yesterday though where we worked a lot on our turns. This was much needed, for me at least. I feel a lot more confident now that I had some extra time to pick up the new moves. Our Ballet 3 class is my most challenging, as it should be. There are a lot of turns. One of our first sets is a piqué, fouetté, attitude. Yikes!! I’m actually not doing so completely horrible at them as I first thought I would be. Heck, a month or two ago I couldn’t even get my fouetté. So I’m pleased with myself. I just have to keep pushing hard and doing my best. I know I can do all of this. I also ordered a new pair of pointe shoes while I was gone. They’re still my beloved Gaynor Mindens, just tweaked the sizing. I kept a size 11 but went down to a medium width instead of wide. I also took a shot in the dark and got a Supple shank instead of hard. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy!! But they actually have worked out well so far. My feet felt strong in them. And I definitely felt that my feet worked harder. I’m still waiting to sell my other ones on eBay. Sigh. I’m just so glad these new ones work. 🙂

4. My good friend is having a baby!!
My good friend is due with her second baby any day now! She was actually due last Tuesday, but her little girl is holding out!! I cannot wait to meet her. So my nannying days have been mostly spent hanging out with her and her little boy (the little boy I watch is his cousin). We’ve been trying to walk this baby out every day! We went to the zoo and the park! Nothing. I know little baby girl will come out when she is good and ready! But I’m still soooo super excited to meet her.

Well I hope everyone has had a good February so far. I know I have! I actually went running yesterday too! I only ran 2 miles, but hey, it’s something. I’m looking forward to running more. I’m hoping it will help with my cardio for dance and keep my body moving on my off dance days. I’ll be running in my first 5k this May! Have any of you ran before? Done a 5k or a marathon?! I’d love to hear about it!

Have a great day loves 🙂



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