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I Am a Master Sorcerer!!!

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I am a Master Sorcerer. That’s right, you heard me. I became a master sorcerer while in Disney World. How do you become a master sorcerer you ask? Well let me explain.

Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom Game

1. First off, you go to the Fire Dept building in Magic Kingdom. There is a large banner that hangs there asking for volunteers to help defeat evil villains and become a master sorcerer. I couldn’t pass this up. You go in the building and there are a few cast members there ready to get you started. All you need is your park ticket (or Key to the World card if you are staying on property). They have an example “portal” here where they demonstrate what you need to do. When you first sign up, they swipe your park ticket and formally register you in their system. They dispense a master Key Card (don’t ever lose it!!), a map showing where all the portals are located, and a pack of cards (5). They walk you over to their demonstration portal and show you how to activate your game. You simply place your key card, which has some kind of RFID sensor in it, on this lock reader. It activates the portal to turn on. Merlin is your guide and he explains how you play. You simply will follow the queues on the screen. When they tell you to “cast a spell” you simply just hold up one of your spell cards you received in your pack.

2. There are four different areas of the park that have portals in which the game is played. Fantasyland, Main Street, Adventureland, and Liberty Square/Frontierland. Your map shows you where each portal is located by a symbol. When you are done at a portal, it will show you the next symbol to let you know which portal is up next. I sometimes had to go back and forth from one portal to another a few times. That kind of got annoying, but whatever.

3. There are villains that you must defeat within each area of the park on the map. It usually took about 3-4 portal visits per villain. There are 10 villains total. You have to beat all 9 before you are given the big boss. Here are the areas with their respective villains. You must defeat:

Adventureland: Jafar, Scar, and Yzma

Fantasyland: Maleficent and Ursula

Main Street: Cruella

Frontierland/Liberty Square: Dr. Facilier, Ratcliffe, and Chernabog (Hades is the ultimate big boss).

4. Every day you visit Magic Kingdom you can return back to the Fire Dept where you signed up, and they will issue you a new pack of cards. A hint: take everyone in your party’s park ticket and have them swipe it. They will ask if these people are playing with you on a “team” or if they want to play individually. If nobody else wants to play, just tell the cast member they are playing with you on a team. You can get a 5 pack of cards per family member’s card. Super awesome way to collect a bulk set of cards. You will get a lot of repeats, but it’s worth it to try for the ones you haven’t gotten yet.

5. This game is completely free. I know, wow, right?! Something free at Disney?? This game is free to play to anyone entering the park. There are 10 super rare cards that you cannot get by free packs in the park. You have to buy a card pack in the store there and out of the 10 cards you purchase (which you most likely will already have) you get 1 super rare card. So you are basically paying $16 to get one card. I chose not to buy any packs. To begin playing the game, you really don’t “need” them. So this means there are 60 cards you can get from the free packs. After my 10 day trip down there, I came home still needing 12 of the 60 regular cards. I have a ton of duplicates.

6. There are three levels of this game. I was not told this when I originally signed up. In fact, I had to look up online what the different spell cards meant and what not. I was curious after watching other people playing why they were doing certain things. When you first sign up, you automatically start on level 1, or easy. On the first level your spell cards don’t actually matter in the game. You will be able to defeat the villains without paying attention to the cards. I had to research what the other levels meant. The medium and hard levels basically are the same villains again, just harder to beat each time. The type of spell you use, and/or combine, matters a lot. You can be defeated and will have to replay the villain until your spell is powerful enough. Much more complicated.

7. You can combine spell cards. I was not told this, I just learned this from looking online and watching other people play. On the easy level though, it appears you can only combine 2 cards at a time. I was watching other people playing hold up 3+ cards at a time. Super cool.

8. The portals are cleverly disguised. They blend right in with the decor and unless you knew about it, you might not even notice them. There is a screen that lights up and 2 cameras you can see that read the cards. There is also the lock piece that you hold your key card up to. I was even told by someone down there that a guy had written his own app for his iPad that allowed him to store the pictures if the cards on there. And when he held that up the cameras were still able to read it correctly. Super amazing. I want that app! So that proves that those cameras are actually looking at the spell card to know which one it is. Technology is amazing.

9. This game is very time consuming. The little video clips they show you at each portal are cute, but they definitely take up a lot of time. Especially when there is a line of people waiting. My husband got a little antsy waiting around for me. This game could take up a lot of riding time, so be aware.

10. I was able to defeat all the villains!! I became a Master Sorcerer!!! And I got gold, which means I played a really good game. I still have to play the medium and hard levels….this could take me years!! My husband even let me buy this awesome tshirt once I won!! This shirt will give you extra power when you pay the game if you are wearing it while you play. Those amazing cameras have something to do with that!!

So, needless to say, I’m addicted. I want to return just to play my game. I’m also determined to try to get all 70 cards. People are selling them on ebay, but they’re super expensive. So we’ll see. I organized all my cards into a small binder. I’m such a nerd!! But that’s what all the “serious sorcerers” were doing down there. I had a lot of fun playing the game, even though it was pretty easy and mindless. I can’t wait to go back someday and play the medium level!!

For more great SotMK info and updates you can check out Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom Blog .






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