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Hello From Disney!


Well hello there!! We’ve officially spent our first full day in Disney. The weather is just amazing. The sun has been out and the temps are 67-72. Just perfect! I am definitely NOT missing the subzero temps and snow back home. Tomorrow is our last day alone….the inlaws arrive Friday afternoon! I’m so excited to experience Disney with them.

Last night we did our “Drinking Around the World” in the World Showcase at EPCOT. Here’s how it’s played: There is an interactive detective game starring Perry the Platypus from the Disney Channel. You begin by picking up a cell phone at a booth. You pick a country to start in and off you go. The phone is preset with instructions and videos. It leads you to interactive sets within each country’s pavilion. You have to search for the buildings or items pictured or described and then the phone activates the item and usually something moves or sings or talks. It’s cute. How do you turn it into a fun activity for adults?? Add alcohol!! The goal: you get a beer, shot, or mixed drink at EVERY country pavilion. You must finish said beverage before you complete all the tasks in the Detective Game. Sounds easy, right?! Well, there are 11 countries! That’s a lot of drinks!! Needless to say, we only made it through 6 countries. It’s a lot of fun. I highly recommend trying it if you ever visit!!

Well, it’s getting late and we gotta be up early tomorrow to hit the parks. Here’s a couple pics of the fun so far 🙂








5 thoughts on “Hello From Disney!

  1. Glad to know you’re having fun!

    How do you find the Fantasyland expansion?

    • I think it’s going to look stunning once it’s ALL finally complete. Between so many walls up still and that huge eyesore of construction that is the Seven Dwarves Mine Ride AND a bazillion people all squished in the area, it was a little much. I think Ariel’s area, the one of the pic I posted here, looks amazing. They did a great job. Belle’s little town was very well done too, just really small area for all these people. The restaurant area looks like it could be cool, but the lines are so long to get into the restaurant that from at the end of the bridge it just looks like a huge rock cave type thing? I dunno lol. We didn’t even do the Storytime with Belle because there was like an 80 minute wait. There’s just way too much going on over there still. I have to say I was slightly disappointed. Same thing with Storybook Circus too. Cute area, but not that much to do once you’re there. This could also be because we don’t have any kids either. I loved the Under the Sea ride in Ariel’s place. The ride was very cute. The queue lines were amazingly decorated as well. So as I said above…it’s a nice area but it will be much more enjoyable once everything is complete. Between the crowds of people and construction it just takes away from the magic. In my opinion of course! I guess I will just have to return in 2014 when it’s all complete! Hah!!

      • When we went in December we had lunch at “Be Our Guest..” The trick is to go wait at 10:30 when they start letting people in, we waited about 15 mins.. Not too bad. The food was good, the inside is beautiful, but they let anyone in to check it out either way. The Storytime with Belle wasn’t what I excepted we only waited 5 mins cause the park was literally closed and still let us go, I’m totally a kid at heart, but it was REALLY babyish and geared towards children. I loved the new Ariel ride too! It was so cute, just like finiding Nemo/Peter Pans flight, but with SO much more detail.

        Have a great time! Can’t wait to see your next update!!

  2. I’m so jealous of your warm weather and the fact that you’re at Disney! I wish I had been 21 the last time I was at Epcot, it would have made the trip traveling around the world a lot more interesting!

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