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Pointe Shoes for Sale


Hello everyone!! I’m selling my Gaynor Minden pointe shoes that I just recently bought. They unfortunately just do not fit me. Super bummed. I’m selling them on eBay, so here is the link to them if you or anyone you know is interested!! Thanks!! I am willing to consider any reasonable offers too!!

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes For Sale




6 thoughts on “Pointe Shoes for Sale

  1. I have got to get my shit together and put mine on ebay too. Tomorrow you wil get the pictures. I promise!!

  2. Really sad they don’t fit… 😦 Hope you fine new ones soon…! xxx madelon

  3. Hihi, I just saw them on eBay. I don’t know the exact European shoe size for GM 11W, but there will always be a girl somewhere that wants them… Ps. my pointe shoe size is Sansha 12W, so I don’t think your size is that ‘obscure’ πŸ˜‰ No worries, you will sell them!

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