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Lazzzzzzy Butt


So I find myself still not flexible. Not a surprise. I have found it difficult to stick with stretching every day. I’ve even tried just stretching for 10-15 minutes a few times a day with no success. I just can’t seem to pull out if this lazy rut with stretching. Maybe I just don’t care to get that flexible? I dunno. I feel like if it was important to me I would find the time to stretch. I got a new foam roller for Christmas which I’ve used a little bit to help relax sore muscles after class. So that’s fun! I even tried my Mary Helen Bowers “Ballet Beautiful” DVD over the holiday break. It was so hard!! I couldn’t keep up and my feet kept sliding on my rug. Personally, I like the workouts she does in the video, but I feel like she rushes through everything so quickly! I couldn’t imagine trying to do these without having an ballet experience. So after feeling so rushed and intimated the first time I tried it, I’ve had a hard time wanting to do it again. Does anyone else feel this way about her workouts!? Or am I just that handiquacked that I can’t keep up?!


Only 11 days until Disney!!! Eeeekkkkk!!!!! We’re almost in the single digits people!!! I cannot wait. Even the husband is super excited. 10 whole days away from reality and in the happiest place n earth! Woo hoo!!!

Tonight is ballet 2 followed by pointe. As I mentioned in my previous post, the ouch pouches actually worked in my Gaynors! I’m hoping the little guys will pull through for me tonight too. We are working hard at our recital dance in our ballet class too. It’s still coming along. We’re about half way through the song. I need major work on my turns, my attitude turns especially. I struggle so much on my left side. I think with my left shoulder being all messed up and having such a limited range of motion, that it hinders me being able to properly do them. Bummer. I just have to keep trying.

The new year is off to a good start for me. I hope it is for all you out there too 🙂

Oh, and PS: I saw that those Nike Studio Wraps will be offered in a red/dark dark pink color too?!?! I might be sold.



12 thoughts on “Lazzzzzzy Butt

  1. I find myself uninspired to stretch many days.

    Are you going to Disney World or Disney Land if you don’t mind my asking?

  2. In pink?! Oh yeah… This may happen…
    Reason number bajillion I love ballet class: Classes make me actually go and work. When I belonged to a gym, I would never go and do things on my own. I love Mary Helen too, but I won’t even put IN the DVD! My 2013 plan would be yoga 1-2 times a week, Zumba and ballet. Good mix.

  3. I’ve successfully stretched for six days in a row now! But that may be because I’m a college student still on vacation right now (I have loads of free time now that the holidays are over), but I think this is the only way I’m ever going to get myself into a routine. Doing different sets of stretches I’ve found on pinterest has helped to keep it interesting instead of doing the same routine every night.

    Have fun in Disney! My sister leaves for Florida tomorrow afternoon!

  4. I totally hear you on the ‘stretch rut’! My default setting is ‘pathologically lazy’ so the prospect of doing anything under my own steam is just SO HARD, plus there’s the whole ‘I have no time’ thing coupled with the ‘high likelihood of breaking myself further’ and… yeah. At the minute I’m doing quite well to force myself up half an hour early to do some gentle stretching before leaving for work but I suspect this new enthusiasm won’t last because, yerno, mornings are EARLY. Gah.

    Enjoy Disney!

  5. One of my resolutions was to stretch more this year. Do you stretch directly after ballet class? It’s the best time to do it because your muscles are warm and will move to positions easier. It is hard to keep the discipline, but it sure is worth it – after the soreness feels so much better! I am so jealous of your trip. Have a great time in Disney!

    • I do not stretch after class. I have a 30 minute drive home where by the time I get there I’m cold. I can’t stay after class to stretch either because my dance studio only has one studio and there is either another class after mine or she leaves for the night. It’s a bummer. I usually will stretch for a few minutes every day just to help with any tightness from the previous class, but nothing crazy. Have you ever been to Disney?! It’s such a wonderful, magical, happy place 🙂

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