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Moo Cow Mode



I am a moo cow. Or at least that’s how I felt at class tonight. I have to admit that I did nothing since class a week ago. Nothing. I payed the price tonight!! I was all over the place. I mean, my pirouettes weren’t a compete disgrace, but I was definitely off tonight. I kept tripping over my feet practicing our recital dance. Boo. I could just feel how off I was throughout the whole routine. Major blah. By the end of that class I felt so tired. No rest for the wicked though! Next up was pointe! I did good at the barre and on a couple of things we did in center. But then I was just done. I could feel it in my feet. They were so fatigued from the lack of use this past week I had a hard time getting though the whole hour. Between eating so much crap over the holidays and being off work for almost 2 weeks, my whole body was just in moo cow mode. That’s right. Moo cow mode. Luckily, I’m going back on my diet next week. I can’t wait to feel better. I’ve really been thinking about this whole gym thing. I might give it a try. I figure as long as I don’t have to sign a contract, it can’t hurt to try it for a month, right??

On a good note….the vamp elastic I sewed in my left pointe shoe seemed to do the trick! It kept my foot nice and snug and in place! The bad side…..after just one use I have already ripped a hole through the gel of my new toe pads. I’m so annoyed. I really think my shoes are starting to weaken already. The ladies at the dance store said so too. I’m so bummed. I can’t afford a new pair of Gaynor’s every 1-2 months. I ordered a Gaynor Minden fit kit, so I’m hoping I can play with that stuff to make my feet feel better again in my shoes. I’m really starting to think the new pair I bought is just not the right shoe for me. Oh well.

The husband’s birthday is this weekend, so I’m excited for that. I think we’re going to this awesome place called Pickle Bills. It’s on the river and its famous around here for its amazing seafood. Is always a favorite!!

Here’s the Gaynor Minden fit kit I ordered and the toe pads that I use, Pillows for Pointe Gellows in M/L. I love them, they’re the only ones that felt good with these shoes. Any other suggestions? I tried ouch pouch and lambs wool pouches, they were too thin. And I can’t fit the thick pink gel kind in my shoes.




12 thoughts on “Moo Cow Mode

  1. I used to use Gellows until my most recent fitting. The lady doing my fitting was horrified! I didn’t quite understand *why* she didn’t like them, but she didn’t think they were safe for someone who isn’t up to pro standards. I admit they didn’t feel so great after about half an hour in them, either. If you’re going to keep using them, though, and you want to prevent further rips in the gel, wear them gel-side-out, under your tights. While I was using these pads, I did manage to go about 4 months before I saw any wear and tear on the silicon.

    I switched back to the Ouch Pouch after that last fitting and I actually find that they do the trick these days. When I want a little extra cushy-ness in the ends I put a very thin make-up sponge in the toe of the shoe first.

    • Ya, that’s how I’ve been wearing them- gel side out under my tights. Did she explain why she thought only professional level dancers should use them? I’ve never heard that before and I’m intrigued! I’m hoping with some of the items in the fit kit paired with maybe the ouch pouches again, it will work. My fingers are crossed! Thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚

      • I got the impression that her concerns were mostly based around an outdated opinion of alternative/gel pads in general and that I might had received a similar speech had I walked in with one of the bulkier sets from the Eurotard line or a pair of those perforated rocks that Sansha markets as silicone pads (seriously, don’t waste your money!) – The usual necessity of feeling the floor completely while you’re still learning and strengthening techniques and how thick is not your friend for this reason, yada yada, but she made one very good point: the fit, or lack thereof. A gel-filled cloth pouch like the ouch pouch (or even better, the pro pad, which doesn’t put bulky gel under the ball of your foot where it isn’t needed) can conform to both your foot and your shoe much the same way a sock does. It hugs and gathers over the curve of our toes and (somewhat) fills in the empty spaces where your smaller toes don’t quite reach the end of the box. The gellows, while I agree they’re cushier than an ouch pouch and thinner than a Eurotard gel pad, are still less flexible than cloth pads. If your foot isn’t the same longest-in-the-middle shape as the pad (which would hurt for pointe no matter what pads you wear! ><) then you'll always have a little more pad under/around your middle toes. Unless your big toe is notably longer than the rest, then this is going to allow the pad to slip around. Wearing them inside your tights helps, but it isn't a guarantee. The more concerning side of the fit issue, though, is actually how the pad fits in the shoe. It's not just a matter of changing the width of your foot (which it does), but it actually changes weight distribution. This lady proved it to me by having me wear one gellows pad and one ouch pouch while going through a simple barre exercise in my old shoes which I had brought in for comparison. The thicker knuckle-covering wings of the gellows, even though they appeared to fit the same as the ouch pouch, actually caused so much frictional force against the sides of the box up at the knuckles that I was only just barely reaching the end of my box, even in piquΓ©. I was bearing more weight across the sides of my feet, particularly around my big toe knuckle, and less on the toes themselves, than I was with the ouch pouches. Even though the very tips of my toes were telling me that the ouch pouches were a little thinner than they'd prefer in terms of cushion, my feet hurt *less* en pointe with the ouch pouch. Now, all of this being said, I have a very wide foot to begin with, so perhaps this is not true of all foot shapes and sizes. I'm a street shoe size 8-8.5 and I'm always in XXX width pointes.

      • Wow!!! Thank you so much!! This is all very helpful. I also have very wide feet. In my last Bloch’s I was a XXX and in my Gaynors I’m in a box 4. I will keep all this in mind when searching for new pads!! Thanks dear πŸ™‚

  2. I didn’t think you looked bad at all tonight. You were just tired. That didn’t stop you though. Look at it this way – at least the general isn’t on your side watching your every mistake, I mean, move during the recital dance. I am right there, in her face and waiting for her to just rip me off the dance floor and tell me, “ENOUGH! YOU STINK-O!!!”

  3. Just be glad you were only away from class a week. I’m sure my body will be in for a complete shock when I get back next week after 2 1/2-weeks off. The holiday break came just as my turns were coming back and I was returning to dance shape.

  4. oh i will be paying for the next 3 days. i have done no stretching or ANYTHING for 2 1/2 weeks. i am not on pointe yet (i just started back as an adult after a 16+ year hiatus 2 1/2 months ago) and that cow is about how i feel πŸ™‚

  5. I totally understand your comments on your pointes. 😦 Normally GM’s don’t soften that quick, but it depends on the type of pointe. You aready tried the hardener? I always used thick soft ouch pouches from Le Papillon (a dutch ballet brand), but I’m actually looking for thinner ones. Do you recommend the GM Fit Kit? -xx- madelon

    • Ya, my fitter told me that every now and then they seem girl that wears through GM quicker than regular pointe shoes. And that I’m one of those lucky girls! Oh joy. I don’t think I can use hardener on them? You’re talking about that jet glue stuff, right?? I actually tried my ouch pouches last night and they worked! I was shocked!! Hah! I just got the fit kit in the mail the other day. I was super disappointed. The little blue gels are much thinner than I expected. The liners I was used to since I already use them. I tried to stick the one in the toe of the shoe and the thing wouldn’t even stick. Unless I super glue it in, it won’t stay. So in my experience with it, I don’t really recommend it. I don’t really get how the little mushroom foam liner thing works either. The stuff is so thin, I don’t see how it really helps the shoe fit better. But that was just me. It only costs like $6, so it’s worth trying I guess. It may help depending on what you need! πŸ™‚ what type of shoes do you wear?

      • Thanks for the information, it was really extensive but really helpful! Two weeks ago I bought new Sansha Ovation 3/4 pointes. I have always been dancing on Recitals, but my teacher advised me to switch. The new pointes are a bit harder to dance on and the box is quitte narrow, but they fit me exactly. You can see them on my blog: This week gonna try them in class. xxx

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