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Nike Studio Wrap


Came across this today while on Twitter. These things look amazing!! The video shows the girl doing what look like chaîne turns! I wonder if you could wear these for ballet class?!? Has anyone else seen these before?? I think Nike is going to start making these next year. It says in the video info that they would sell for around $110. Seems a little steep to me!! Hopefully they won’t cost this much.

What do you guys think of these Nike Studio Wrap shoes?? I’d love to hear!!

8 thoughts on “Nike Studio Wrap

  1. Totally something I would buy.

  2. I don’t know if I would buy them. Apparently, I do not have good judgment when it comes to these types of things.

  3. I’d like to try them but would probably not use them for ballet class. I’ve already danced around the floors and done turns barefoot and that really roughed up my feet. I was shluffing off skin for days. Despite them covering the ball of the foot, the bare toes make me worried of stubbing, dragging, and harassing the toesies.

  4. I’ve danced in footUndeez on several floor types, and I’ve never experienced any issues with bare toes, so I think these wrap things would actually be very effective! I think I would probably like them better than the traditional ballet slipper for practice because they look like they would breath a lot more, but I don’t see them becoming any school’s standard any time soon. They don’t look right, and as far as we know they’re only available in black. Now, if they make them in “flesh” colour, I can see lyrical dancers snapping these up in no time!

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