Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!




Well hello there! It’s been a couple days. Last night I had class. All I can say is meow. The class I help teach is beginning to learn their recital dance. Poor things are a hot mess right now. But they’re getting better. Then in my first class I worked in my pointe shoes for about an hour. Not too bad. I actually was able to do pirouettes. On both sides. And not fall. Wahoo!! We worked more on our recital dance. I’m really liking it. Legal Ballerina was able to see it and she said I looked really good. That made me feel happy. Then came my tough 2 hour class. Insert the “meow” here. We worked on a bunch of things. Inside turns, attitude turns, and various combinations involving turns and traveling jumps. I’m struggling on getting these inside turns. I can only do one. Maybe two on the one side if I’m lucky. It’s just not clicking. Must keep practicing I guess!! Then came attitude turns. I got critiqued about not keeping my lines. I’m curving back when I should be pulling straight up. Meow. The combinations with the turns and jumps were my saving grace. I love doing these. I just love traveling across the floor doing glissades and assemblés. LB said I looked really happy doing this too. She was right! These are my favorite. Sure, I may not be perfect at them or am able to extend my leg as high as the other girls, but I understand the technique. Which I guess is most important. We worked on kicks too. I don’t mind doing these…I just don’t have the pretty extensions like the other girls. That’s all my fault though. I just can’t seem to stick with stretching every day.

Now if I can digress for a moment here…..

My pointe shoes. I know, we are talking about this again. Trust me, I’m annoyed too. My Gaynor’s are awesome. Like, I have no pain or trouble getting up on them. They are just perfect. However. I’ve been able to narrow down the problems I do have. When I was fitted for them, the girl told me that my left foot measures bigger than my right. But my right foot fits bigger in my shoes than my left. Weird, I know. I have some gapping around my feet down near where the vamp starts. This can happen with Gaynor’s because of the pre-arch. I also switch my shoes every other class, as instructed by my fitter. So this has been able to show me that my right foot fits in this exact size, width, etc just fine. The hard shank is a little too stiff for this foot due to my ankle problem, but I can still roll through my foot. My left foot, regardless of which shoe is on it, is sliding to the slide. It feels too big or wide on this foot. My left foot keeps sliding out to the left side of my shoe. I don’t get pain, but I’m not feeling as secure. My teacher recommended I get some vamp elastic to try. It may help secure that area of the shoe so it’s not as baggy. I’m starting to think this:

My left foot needs a size 11 with a normal width (instead of wide) with a hard shank, deep vamp and high heel. While my right foot needs a size 11 wide width with an extra flex shank, deep vamp and high heel. This would require two different pairs of shoes. And that equals big $$$. I would have enough shoes to last me a while though. But we will see if for the mean time this vamp elastic solves the problem. I plan on going back to the store in Akron to show my fitter what is going on. Hopefully she will know how to correct this without having to get two different pairs of shoes?!? Insert another meow here.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. I think I’m over the worst of this stupid cough/cold thing. I cough, but only if exercising. I think there’s still a little bit of mucus stuck in there. Stupid mucus.

PS: that pretty kitty up there is my baby Oreo. I love her!! 🐱

5 thoughts on “Meow.

  1. I know you have cats. I just never see them! Good pic. Oreo needs a snuggle from.LB

  2. Aww, cute cat!
    You know, I’ve been seriously thinking that I need two different sizes in pointe shoes myself. I agree, it would be very pricey up front, but then the purchasing would open happen half as often as before. I’ve had the same fitter, at the same store, working with the same brand and style, fit me in multiple sizes on different occasions, so this just affirms my suspicions! It happens with flat/soft shoes too, but those aren’t as big a deal.

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