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Fouetté This!!



Guys. It finally happened. I did a freakin fouetté!!!! And my teacher saw it!!! And she said good!!! Holy. Crap. I never thought I would get it. We were doing pirouette, fouetté, attitude in center. I was trying, and trying, and trying. And then BAM!! I hit it!! I was so proud of myself. I think my teacher was too! She knows how long I’ve been struggling to get just one. I could only do it on my right side though. Good enough for me!!

Then we moved on to a different combination. Piqué, piqué, fouetté. No bueno. I can get the piqué, piqué….and sort of fouetté. But I kept pulling my arms in instead of throwing them out to second. Woof. Maybe next time?!

We worked on fouetté preps and fouettés at the barre too. My right is pretty ok. My left, not so much. I keep leaning out from the barre. It’s like I’m afraid of the barre on my left side. I’ve definitely slammed my knees off the barre a few times. Not fun. Gotta keep practicing!!

My pirouettes were off last night too. I’ve been fighting a cold and horrible cough. I was coughing a lot during class and between that and the constant turning…I was getting a little dizzy. Sigh.

We started working on our recital dance for my ballet 1/2 class!! It’s to a really pretty piano-y song. I think it’s called Porcelain. Not sure who it’s by. I’m liking it a lot though!!!

Today is my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday and my little friend Jane’s 9th birthday!! So happy birthday my loves!! We are going out to dinner tonight to a place called Brasa. It’s a Brazilian Steakhouse?! We’ve been there a few times. It’s basically all you can eat meats. It’s really good!! Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fouetté This!!

  1. Congratulations! I haven’t mastered the fouetté yet, myself, so I can imagine how great that must have felt!
    I just followed your link over here from a comment on AB, and I thought I’d comment to say I love your blog & photos. Keep it up!

    I’m also a 20-something ballet returnee, but sadly I’ve had to temporarily give up classes since I recently moved to pursue a new degree.

    • Thanks Jenna!! It was so awesome lol!! And last night at class I actually landed 3 fouettés. Then I got real loud and overly excited and almost got in trouble lol!!! Looking forward to reading more on your blog too!!! 🙂

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