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Christmas Tree 2012


As you all know, my husband and I went to pick out our Christmas tree yesterday!!! We go to a local place every year called Greig Tree Farm. We’ve never had a bad tree from them. This year’s pick was harder than last. Last year the first tree we saw was “the one”. This year it took a little longer. I think we looked at 5-7 trees!! We finally settled on one and then my inlaws finally picked “the one” too. I love doing this with them. Every year now we go and have brunch at this local place then go pick our trees. It’s so much fun!! We put the tree in the stand when we got home and let it open up.

Today was decorating day!! My husband is always in charge of putting the lights on the tree. Then I put the ornaments on. He gets to put a few up lol. We have certainly grown our collection since we’ve been married!! We have a beautiful Disney collection starting. Every year we have gone to Disney together, we get an ornament to remember our trip. It’s usually either a Mickey and Minnie holiday one, or one with the whole gang on it with the year written on it. I love this ornaments so much. These get placed high up on the tree so no bad little kitties or dumb doggy break them. I’ve also started getting unique glass ornaments from Macy’s every year. I have some really pretty birds, owls, round glass ones, feathery birds, etc. I love decorating the tree. I look forward to doing it all year long. And last but certainly not least, our tree is never complete without the Disney Monorail underneath it. My husband is also in charge of this. He loves this thing. We got it last year on our trip down there and have said it will go under the tree every year.

Pretty soon gifts will be piling up under the tree!! I love giving gifts (and receiving!!!), but man do I hate wrapping them!! All that work and it takes 2 seconds to rip it off. At least they look pretty!! Even the dog and kitties get gifts under the tree and their stockings!!

Even though it is now officially December, it has been raining all day here. What?!?! I actually am kind of looking forward to some snow. Last year we barely got any and it just wasn’t the same.

Well, back to the grind tomorrow!! The husband and I have officially decided to hold off on hard core dieting until after the holidays. I’m still going to eat healthy everyday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 🎄🎅🎁😃


10 thoughts on “Christmas Tree 2012

  1. You’re a beautiful couple! Does your husband love Disney as much as you? Do you 2 have any Christmas-related Disney movies/TV specials that you watch every year?

    • Thank you!!! He loves Disney, but not quite as much as me!! I’m borderline obsessed!! We always watch Nightmare Before Christmas every year!! What about you??

      • I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I don’t have a Christmas tradition. But I’ve always wanted to see Mickey’s Christmas Carol, I hear it’s a great half-hour adaptation.

      • I’ve never seen that either!! Do you know where I can find it? Is it out on DVD?

      • I think it’s available on a few DVD compilations: , Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse, the ninth volume of the Walt Disney Classic Cartoon Favorites DVD collection, as well as in the Walt Disney Treasures set Mickey Mouse in Living Color – Volume 2, and also on the Disney Animation Collection Volume 7 DVD.

  2. So is this an American thing, to have your Christmas tree ready at the beginning of Advent? We always get ours on the 23rd…

    • I guess?! Most families here in America get them or set their artificial ones up right after Thanksgiving Day. I’ve seen people that have them up before Thanksgiving is even over. I know we will keep our tree up until New Years. Even all the department stores over here are a little crazy. They will be set up for Christmas practically right after Halloween. It’s like they zoom right past Thanksgiving. I think that’s ridiculous. Do you get a real tree? What country do you live in?

      • Sorry, I can’t really say where I live, but it’s in central Europe. We get a real tree from the local forest and keep it till the beginning of January or longer.
        The department stores here are catching on to yours, with special Christmas departments as early as October, but the decorations in the streets and the lights only went up at Thanksgiving (which isn’t celebrated here, unfortunately).
        I find it very interesting to learn about different cultures’ customs and traditions!

      • Same here! I love learning about different traditions!! I’ve always wanted to visit Europe!! Hopefully someday!!

  3. hahah im glad to know i am not the only one with a monorail under my tree 🙂

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