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Nutcracker Love




So last night was the highly anticipated Nutcracker show!! I loved every minute of it!! Our seats were amazing. We were right in the center, back far enough to have a good view of the entire stage. LB and her husband were a few rows in front of us!! It was a fun night out with them!! I know she was as pumped as I was for this.

The stage and set decorations were so pretty and very well done. I liked Act 1. It was interesting to see all these ballerinas dancing around in ballroom shoes. They were exquisite. It really shows their level of professionalism and versatility as a dancer. Their dresses were pretty neat looking too. Clara, who was played by Katherine Minor. This was her first year with Joffrey Ballet Company, so I guess her having this role suited her. In their production, Clara really didn’t do much dancing. She was the main character in Act 1, and appeared in all the Acts, but she only really danced in Act 1. I think she did a good job. Her feet looked beautiful and she danced her role extremely well. Scene 3, The Land of the Snow, was very pretty!! The snow falling paired with the exquisite music and dancing was really magical. The Snow Queen was played by April Daly. She was absolutely stunning. Watching her hit her leg extensions with all the snow falling was just beautiful. She looked beautiful and danced effortlessly. And her costume was gorgeous.

Act 2 was by far my favorite. There was so much pointe work being done!! Between the Waltz of the Flowers and the Divertissements, the choreography was stunning. The Sugar Plum fairy was played by Christine Rocas. She was my favorite dancer. Watching her dance was simply amazing. She looked beautiful. The choreography for her was perfect. I loved her costume too. She was the only one to do fouettés, and boy did she do a great job!! The Divertissements were so cool too. I loved them all. My two favorites were the Chocolate from Spain and the Tea from China. I liked the Chocolate from Spain because of her footwork and choreography. She nailed her role. And I loved the Tea from China because I also thought their footwork was amazing and their costumes were adorable.

The Grand Pas De Deux was just breathtaking. The choreography was so awesome. Both dancers hit every step and looked beautiful while dancing. This was such an amazing end to this ballet.

I have to say I really,really enjoyed this ballet. The costumes were beautiful, the sets just right, and the dancing was exquisite. Being able to appreciate the hard work and years and years of dedication these dancers have given really is humbling. Watching professional ballerinas is just so amazing and inspiring. So after seeing this ballet, I still stick with my feeling….. I am a ballerina. I’m an adult novice ballerina. They are adult professional ballerinas. I know I’ll never dance like they will. I’m not supposed to. I didn’t dedicate my entire life to dance from a young age. And I’m ok with that. I love the ballet I do get the opportunity to do. And even though my arabesque looks nothing like any of the ones I saw last night, I’m still proud of myself. Who knows what I will accomplish in my dancing.

I encourage you to look up the Joffrey Ballet. They are considered one of the top companies here in the US. It definitely showed in their dancing last night. I really enjoyed clicking through the biographies of all the dancers. I’m very fortunate that I was able to go see this production. I hope to see more some day.





3 thoughts on “Nutcracker Love

  1. That was the best night ever!!!! I am so glad we got to share it together. 🙂

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