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Ballet, Babies, and Beer

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Sooooooooo it’s been a few days. Hello there!! I’ve been super busy, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This past weekend was full of events!! Friday night I had LB and her family over to party and play games in the man cave. LB loves it!! The kids had a blast and so did we. I love me some LB!! Saturday I had make up classes alllllll day. I danced from 12:45-4:15. Yikes!! It was definitely exhausting. I did the first 1.5 hours in my pointe shoes too. I didn’t have any problems with them!! They are amazing!! My right foot is still struggling, but I’m really trying to work on it. The rest of class went really well. We did a lot of leg work. Many kicks and stretches. My calves are still sore. Then that night we had my husband’s friends (well they’re my friends too!!) over. We hung out in the man cave all night. Then Sunday morning I had to drive to Pittsburgh for my cousin’s baby shower. She was so adorable!! She doesn’t know what she’s having. That’s fun!! And then after the shower I went and spent the rest of the afternoon with my good friend Jane. Jane is 8. She was the first girl I nannied way back in the day lol. I began watching her when she was 3 months old. I love her so much (and she adores me). We have an awesome relationship. She was the flower girl in my wedding, along with her brother, Jack, who was my ring bearer. He’s 10. They are such amazing kids. Love them to death. This week is crazy busy too!! Last night I had both of my classes. All I can is OUCH. My teacher worked us hard. All night. I did about an hour of my first class in my pointe shoes. That kicked my butt. And in the second class we worked again on our legs and stretching a lot. We even got to do a partner stretching activity which was painful but fun!! LB was my partner, obvi, and she is crazy flexible now. I’m super jealous. I’m trying to get there. We then worked on some piqué, piqué, fouettés then. I sucked. I can piqué just fine. It’s those darn fouettés. I’m so close to kind of getting them on my right. My left?? Forget it.

I have class again on Thursday, yay!! We have a couple new younger girls joining our pointe class. I’m really excited to see them!! And Friday is the NUTCRACKER!!!! Yessssss!! I’m sooooo pumped. I just bought a new dress today for it!! It’s very Black Swan-esque!! It’s all black lace with some black feathers on the bottom. It’s gorgeous!!!

Saturday we are going to pick out our Christmas tree with my inlaws! We get a real one every year. I love it!! Pictures will be shared!! And then our friends are having our monthly “Beer Club” meet up at a local brewery!! Another fun, busy weekend ahead!!

One question though……does anyone else struggle, or did struggle, with getting your fouettés??!?! I’d love to hear about your experience with them and how you learned to accomplish them. Thanks!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!! Talk to you soon 🙂


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  1. From what I hear – Fouettes are hard for all beginners. Don’t fret my beautiful BFF; we all struggle with these!

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