Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!

Calves Go Moooooo!!

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So I had class last night. And it totally kicked my butt (well, calves actually lol). Both classes my teacher focused on a lot of leg strength exercises and combinations. My little legs were burning!! Or Mooing as my teacher calls it! I tried my new canvas ballet slippers. They’re so comfy on my feet, but I had a ridiculously hard time turning in them. My feet kept sliding inside in the slipper causing me to not balance or land my feet correctly. They don’t look or feel baggy or too big. They look like they fit perfectly. I’ll give them a few more tries and see if they get better, otherwise it’s back to the good ol’ reliables!! Overall class went well. LB got me a new leotard for my birthday that finally arrived last week! It’s a halter type. I’ve never had good luck with halter tops. My neck is always really sore from the weight of my chest. And because of how the chest area is in the leotard, I spent most of the night constantly readjusting myself. No bueno. It’s such a cute leotard, I’m really bummed that I may not be able to wear it. I’ll see. I have a “dance bra” but even that thing is horribly uncomfortable. I don’t fit in that either, and it’s the biggest size they make it in. Stupid chest. Maybe I can find a different dance bra. Any suggestions?!?!

I showed my new pointe shoes to my teacher and she loved them!! She was very happy with the way they looked on my feet and how I felt about them. She was even more thrilled when she saw me roll through my feet in them. I can’t wait to use them in class.

Well, I don’t have class on Thursday due to the holiday, but I do have make up classes this Saturday from when my teacher was out sick. I’ll be dancing for about 4 hours straight!! No better time to start working off all that holiday food!!

I’m getting new tires put on my car tomorrow too. Yippie!! I also have my cousin’s baby shower this weekend and I’m visiting a good friend. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!!



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