Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

The happenings of this Disney-obsessed runner and dancer!

Sunday Project

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This lovely Sunday was spent doing a variety of things!! My mom and I went to Jo-Ann fabrics to pick out fabric and find items to create my own Disney pin binder. I ended up buying a bunch of pre-cut pieces of felt that were adhesive on one side. I then got sturdy card stock paper and adhered the felt to that. Punch holes in the side to place in a binder and voila!! A pin binder!! It holds the pins pretty well. I noticed the backs come off every now and then. But compared to the expensive ones online ($40-$60) mine will do!! I was able to complete it for around $25-$30.


My husband helped me make my binder, we walked the dog, and then raked the leaves up from the yard. It was so nice out today!! Now I will be spending the rest of the evening hanging out with the husband, folding laundry, and watching the Walking Dead. Awesome freaking show if you’ve never seen it. I love me some zombies!!!

I’m so excited for ballet tomorrow!!! And very excited for Thanksgiving. And the amazing food. Yum!!


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