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Bad news.

Because of my big feet (size 10), I will not be getting fitted for Gaynor’s tomorrow. Huge sigh…..

The store we were planning on going to doesn’t have my size in stock. The store that *might* was closed today and will be closed tomorrow too. Grrrrrrr.

So now, I have to wait until Saturday, which means there will probably be boat loads of kids in the store. Yay. I’m also questioning whether I will even get Gaynor’s. With the hefty price tag I may just see what else is available at this store. The store I previously went to only carried Bloch’s and Gaynors (that I know of?!) I’ve been eyeing up some different ones on Discount Dance. Since my first two pairs of pointe shoes are so different, I’m still left feeling I’m not so sure what type of shoe I need. My first pair were more tapered, but were not wide enough. The sides of my feet kind of bulged out and my little toes kept getting squished. So when I went the second time, to a better trusted store, I was fitted for a more square box. The shoe was overall a wider size and was also a half size longer than the previous pair. But with the pressure of my weight feeling like its bearing down all on my big toes, I’m feeling led to believe that maybe I do need a more tapered box, just a wider shoe. I have no clue. The impatient and stubborn side of me wants to just order a pair from online. But the planning and logical side of me is telling me to go get fitted. Part of me just really doesn’t want the experience of going to yet another new store and getting fitted by complete strangers again. Why is this process not more uniform??!! I just don’t understand how you can be fitted so “wrongly” for a pair of pointe shoes.

I’m just frustrated. I just want a shoe that fits right and feels good. I want to be able to dance and not constantly be worrying about my feet or shoes. Who knows if I will ever get this.

The other shoes I was looking at in case anyone has any comments or suggestions were as followed:

Bloch B Morphs
Grishko 2007s
Freed “Wing Blocks”

And I was contemplating just ordering the same shoe I have now, the Bloch Balance European, in a smaller width.

Here are my feet if it helps. Pease ignore the ugly state they are currently in. Thanks! Hah!!



12 thoughts on “Bigfoot

  1. I’m sorry I haven’t started my fitting articles yet, it’s just a lot of info and with nutcracker going on I’m tres busy. What are your current shoes (brand/name/size/width/hardness/shank length?) what shape are your feet/toes Greek, peasant, Egyptian? Long toes short toes? High arch, med arch, no arch? Narrow heel? Does your metatarsal area contract en pointe, ie. when your foot lies flat do your toes stretch out? Or do they stay in place? Any other footsie observations?

    • My first shoes were:
      Bloch Sonata
      Size 7
      Width C
      Regular Shank

      My current shoes are:
      Bloch Balance European
      Size 7.5
      Width XXX
      Regular Shank

      I’m going to upload a picture of my feet to my blog. I’m standing up with my weight on them. I don’t think my metatarsal contracts. I do have metatarsal pain on the bottom of my left foot when in ballet slippers though (don’t know if this matters). I don’t think I have an usually narrow heel or anything, just normal. I have a normal (medium) arch. Pretty sure my feet are Egyptian tapered. Thanks for your help!!!

    • Picture of my feet are posted on the Bigfoot post! Thanksssss 🙂

      • Oh ya! I forgot lol!! In my Sonata’s I wore the pink feather lite gels. In my current shoes I wear the original ouch pouch (tan ones) and another pair of tan ones I got from Walmart. I originally started out just using some tape and toe jelly sleeves with some lambs wool. And then my teacher recommended I just try two of the ouch pouches together. When I tried just wearing one there was wayyy to much pressure on my big toe.

      • With the shaping of your toes you will always have your big toe bearing weight issue. One scenario is seeking out a podiatrist that specializes in ballet in your area and see if they know or are capable of making toe prosthetics. I have this for my big toe since my second toe is too long. I only wear it with my chacotts now as my so danca hold my metatarsals and is designed for my 2nd toe. Your second scenario is to get a tapered shoe that holds your metatarsals to distribute the weight but your pinky toes will be in bunion town. Even with an ouch pouch I would stuff lambs wool or bubble wrap to even out the toes a little. I’ve heard of people using bubble wrap. Maybe a chopped up sock, or knit tights, something to help your shorter tapered toes feeling “floor”.
        I would recommend to try on everything possible. If you’re going with tapered grishko 2007, gamba 97, Russian pointe, mirella. Others, Freeds, Bloch try b morphs and axis, see what you think. Chacotts are nice but I think a more serious shoe is best for you. If you consider eBay, I do recommend so danca Cecilia Kerche. Nstylpwi eBay seller has good descriptions on shoes they carry. You can also call them and inquire about shoe recommendations.

        It’s a long journey and every fitter is not going to be optimal. My recommendations are “meh” at best, but my fellow dancer who has feet like yours, she has prosthetics and I bought a pair of so danca nikiya that didn’t work for me, yet look beautiful on her feet. Just kee trying, take not of the shoes and their shape and what hurt and what worked while trying shoes. Good luck Saturday 🙂

      • Thank you so much!! This info is very helpful. There are so many kinds of shoes out there it becomes overwhelming. What are your thoughts on the Gaynor Mindens? Anyone at your studio wear them?

  2. Ah! I want to eat my browser, it ate my reply! There is no one I know of at my new studio who wears gaynors. My old studio there was two girls and they were collapsed arches and pronated feet. I do not know why my teacher decided to put them in gaynors, I think she assumed it would support their feet despite their possible lack of arch to support them. I think it’s a cruel game- but that’s a personal note.
    I’ve personally tried gaynors. They’re fairly comfortable and are normally sized one up from your street shoe. The shoe though did not work well with my prosthetic and it did not hold my metatarsals, so overall I feel it was not a good fit and my teacher would disapprove. I also noticed because of it’s specialized plastic shank which helps spring you up on pointe, it didn’t work my feet. They looked like a fun pair of shoes to dance it, but for my growing/strengthening feet didn’t seem to make sense.

    Some people would argue the fact you’re using two ouch pouches is a no no, you can’t “feel the floor.” Since moving to my fluff padding I certainly can feel things better too. My prosthetic ouch pouches in my chacotts are fairly numb feeling in comparison. I would try and reduce the bulk of ouch pouches, which might be squishing your pinky toes. You can also cut away at the pinky area of one of the ouch pouches or both so that there isn’t so much pressure. It can also be bulking up your shoe so it doesn’t fit properly and you sink and cause excessive pressure on your big toe.
    If you can get a photo of you en pointe from the side of your shoe we can see if you’re sinking or not.

    Some things for stuffing into the box to soften it for you would be nylons, lambs wool, folded fleece fabric, or a cut up cotton sock. Cotton sock would be better to absorb moisture opposed to fleece fabric. You just want to make sure you’re not curling your toes though through this. You could also try toe spacers out too to see if separating your big toe from your others could help alleviate the pressure/weight.

  3. There is a pointe shoe expert on ballet talk for dancers. You can fill out a pointe shoe fitting form there and upload a few specific photos of your feet, and she will suggest a few models including sizes and widths to try. She has helped so many members find the perfect shoe! There are also tons of information on pointe shoes on that board. I highly recommend it!

    • Oooooh that sounds amazing!! Do you have a link for it? Or can I just search for ballet talk?

    • I just tried creating an account there and it keeps saying they don’t accept my type of email?! It’s gmail!!

      • Yes, you have to have some kind of special email account. Don’t ask my why. When I registered years ago I did it with my parents’ account. Maybe try friends’ or relatives’ accounts? Sorry, they are very peculiar in some aspects. But it’s a really great, well-moderated board with lots and lots of valuable information. I really hope you can manage to register somehow. Good luck!

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