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Meeting = Success!!


Jessica Wallis from Ballet in Cleveland!!



Well today I had the privilege of meeting Jessica Wallis from Ballet in Cleveland. First off, can I just say what an amazing person she is!! She definitely loves ballet and her passion for it shows. I loved talking with her today. We met up for coffee and talked all things ballet! She taught me what her organization is all about and the opportunities it will bring for ballet to the city of Cleveland. She was also interested in me and my love of dance. We talked about how I started ballet as an adult, the experiences I have had in teachers and studios, and what I think about ballet. I told her about my amazing dance teacher and just how great her studio is. I described the love and passion our teacher possesses for ballet and how she believes in me. Jessica was thrilled to hear that not only was I dancing as an adult, but that I had found a teacher who has such a passion and love for ballet. I described how amazing the other girls in the studio are. How they support me in my adventure in learning ballet.

We talked about Allison DeBona, from the CW’s show, Breaking Pointe. She will be coming to Cleveland on behalf of Ballet in Cleveland to teach a masters class. I am thrilled!! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to partake in her class. I think it will be an amazing event. Jessica had nothing but nice things to say about Allison, and I cannot believe that I will have the chance to meet her in person! So amazing!! I will keep you posted on this event! Right now it’s slated for early March. I can’t wait!!

Jessica also gave me her input on pointe shoes, which I need!! She actually wore Gaynor Mindens when she used to dance and she highly recommends them! I told her I was going to get fitted next week, and she thought that was awesome. Who knows if they will work for me, but I’m hoping they will!!

I’m excited to see this organization in Cleveland and what it can do for the city. I’ve always wondered why we don’t have more ballets here, and Jessica and her team are working hard to bring more here! I’m really hoping she’s able to bring Ballets with a Twist from NYC to Cleveland next year! This show looks absolutely amazing and unique!! For a look at some pictures and more info you can visit Jessica’s blog or just visit Ballets with a Twists website. It’s incredible!!

Tomorrow is ballet and pointe classes! Hoping they go smoothly!! I already feel a ton better on my diet, so I’m hoping I perform better in class now that I’m adjusted to my diet. Now to spend the rest of my afternoon with the husband!! 🙂

This is Allison DeBona from Breaking Pointe!!



4 thoughts on “Meeting = Success!!

  1. Sounds fab. That’s great Ms. Disney

  2. I’m so jealous you got this going on! Good for you, girl!!

  3. OMG!!! I was addicted to “Breaking Pointe”! I was so happy to hear it was renewed for a second season. That master class sounds fantastic.

    • I know me too!! I found out today that Allison DeBona had a lot to do with it getting renewed! She’s apparently a social media queen!! I started following her on twitter, so I hope she’ll tweet me someday!!

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